Mr. Smith goes to Washington


A great movie coming to a government agency near you! Some of us remember the movie but this is a powerful remake. The plot is basically: A semi-secret agency in our nation’s capital has made moves initiated by insane people acting on their odd convictions and they are using political power and their captive fourth Estate (look it up) to promote, indoctrinate and mold public thought. It’s against the constitution in many ways but the First amendment states freedom of speech for us. ( Not freedom from religion but freedom OF religion) Debate, thought and discourse cannot change this basic right.

Already that article of freedom was trampled in 1962 which removed the foundation of this beautiful country. A lawsuit by a known atheist successfully removed any mention of faith, the Bible or anything pointing to our original pledge of allegiance, and the universal statements of our founding fathers and our first Presidents. You perhaps have noticed the words ‘Under God’ have been dropped in some public pledges. Gator is certain the next move will be removing “One nation under God” from our currency. Gator looks at the twenty dollar bill and President Jackson has a serious expression. Perhaps seeing the way things have gone with the God haters and proponents of decadence and oppression (in the name of freedom of course) Of course, we don’t have the freedom to disagree. ‘Haters’ we are then.

Gator has watched these things escalate, political correctness is the insidious phrase used to alter the past, wipe out books that say things truthful. Science! They shout, it’s inhibited by Religion! Read Plato’s logic which is one of the solid philosophy truths we know. “If there are no absolutes, the the individual things which are about us, have no meaning” The particulars, the individual things that are about us.

At that time, thousands of years ago, very wise men spoke these things to one another about reality and reason. People like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Even Paul went to Mars hill and was asked to speak about God. They did not have him arrested because he talked about our God of creation. We can still talk about Jesus now, how long it will be ‘legal’ to do so? Or worse yet, preach about the ‘historical Jesus’ as a good man, a poet with ethics, a pantheistic Jesus. This ‘theology’ was put forth by Albert Schweitzer, Karl Barth and existential philosophers.

The absurd begins to be the cause of nodding of heads when the talk of banning great childhood books that are accused of having ‘racist images’. Also Books of great scientific knowledge that state men and women are created by God and they are created as men and women. A recent quote seems to fit an absurd thought: “I was trapped in the body of a woman and then my mother gave birth to me” Good sarcasm. Perversion is now taught in our schools and any mention of truth can get you fired as a teacher. I wonder now what biology class’ teach? “It’s not my fault, I was created that way” But it takes sperm and ovum, a womb. A Man and a woman. A medical exam can tell which we are. Thinking we are someone else is a definition of insanity.

The thought police are hard at work to destroy us and put us under their control. George Orwell put it quite well (look it up if you are interested, or write me) New think, tear down the statues of history, rewrite or ban and burn books of truth and also history. Of course, this is a simple path to fear of being politically incorrect. That can get you into trouble and get you reprimanded by the ‘woke’ people. “We need a leader that can finally be firm and tell us what truth is!” Never works.

Give homage to Pharaoh as a god, worship Cesar, worship Adolph, worship Mao or the police will have your name. Not pleasant. Best to float along with all of it as long as we have our personal peace and affluence. NBC, CBS, CNBC, FOX, they all have your best interests in mind and they always report ‘real’ news! Awaken my beloved friends and ones I have not met yet.

Be free to disagree with me and use logic to speak to one another, not propaganda. ‘ a shirt says: “What is printed on the back of this shirt is true.” The back reads: “What is printed on the front of this shirt is false” It could also be printed on the front and back pages of the big guys of the fourth estate.

It’s pretty good. Jack

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