It was one of those wonderful, stunning, and even a personal world changer kind of movie. Perhaps you can bring one to mind right away. For a while, we just watch the film and enjoy and laugh at the times that laughter is perfectly appropriate. “It’s a good film Gator thinks. I like it and it describes a bit of real life that speaks to me.

Unexpectedly, the film grabs a hold of your past. So clear and so relevant a grabbing that with an astonished response, Gator becomes the emotion brought out in the film. It was a well done film and it was expected that the main character would be changed somehow. Brought out of brokenness and somehow, restored to the way that he should be.

There was a scene that this wounded man was given a simple task by another man, sitting with him in a crowded restaurant. Asked to just think of the people in his life that made him the unique man he was. The only one like him ever made as are the rest of us. Unique and loved and nurtured in ways we do not understand often. One minute of silence. Gator watched and was silent too. The actors were silent and it was a perfect time for Gator to do the same thing. Think of the people that grew him up and made him what he now is.

There were sudden tears as Gator remembered a long remembered wound. His precious cat that slept with him every night, a real life teddy bear that purred and loved to be with Gator. It was the most precious thing in Gator’s life. The cat loved him and he loved the cat. Grade School onward. A solid thing that a lot of us have or have had that is really special. Some of Gator’s friends and family know the story, especially his counselor who right away knew what the cat meant to Gator.

Gator came home from school and did not find his cat in his room. Puzzled, he asked his mother when she came home if she knew where the cat was. “Grandpa had him killed because when my new husband and I go on our honeymoon, it would be inconvenient when you stay with Grandpa when we are gone” Speechless and wounded beyond repair, Gator disappeared into himself for the rest of his life. No one could ever again be trusted with his precious emotions and loves.

The man in the movie was crying and so was Gator. The people who grew us up and made us who we are. One of a kind. Special. Loved. Gator could never forgive. Interesting word, forgive. It seems it means to give something special, a before giving of freedom. And yet, Grandpa was kit and kin and had a lot to give in some way to make Gator who he was. The man in the movie forgave and at the same time, watching and listening, Gator forgave Grandpa and realized what had just happened.

Gator is forgiven too. For betrayal, for hurting others, and a list of embarrassing and painful things Gator has done. Now he realized what he learned. To forgive as he has been forgiven by his best friend. The friend who talks to Gator and can actually forgive all the bad things and thoughts that Gator has kept within him. The only man in his life who can do that. When Gator cried out for freedom from the pain he has embraced so long, Jesus embraced him. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

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