Sky Palace Part II

As Jack mentioned last week, There is nothing in the Bible that tells us what eternal life is like except for the ‘room’ prepared and the presence of Jesus. As a people with imagination and a hope of continuing some version of our earthly life, we create heaven to suit us. No one has the complete picture, for obvious reasons. The price of admission is death and only once Gator was given a small review by a dear friend. Jack’s friend, at the moment of his death, appeared for a few seconds and said; “It’s better than you said!” A message from his dear friend’s wife confirmed the time.

Why was Jack given this very rare gift of seeing and hearing a friend entering paradise? What did Jack tell him? Whatever it was, it fell short of what happened and Jack is excited about that for him. Not his first choice right now, but a reality for Jack’s future which is very soon according to scripture. Our life here is just a vapor. Usually enough time however to make some decisions about eternity. One of Jack’s favorite authors wrote a short story about his vision of the decision and the veil lifted when entering in to forever life, better than we can imagine. The story is called “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis. Jack recommends this short read.

Why would anyone prefer the Christian viewpoint of life, the universe and everything (Douglas Adams) We all have ‘the question’ of what’s the point? (another recommended book, “What’s the point?” by Misty Edwards.) What indeed is the reason for our existence? Evolution cannot give us any answer. Impossible religion of life’s meaning it is. Embrace it and indeed it will be ‘dust to dust’. As mentioned before in part I, none of the other religions offer anything but a child’s imagination to that deepest question of our heart. Jack is well aware of the mention of an answer to that question and it is found in the most popular and well read book on the planet: The Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, all the words tell us over and over again about a savior who has many beautiful names, the most recognized is Jesus. No chapter and verse need be mentioned because scripture is rich with names and descriptions of this Man who is, impossibly, God as well. Ask Jack for a bibliography.

Jack knows he would have killed Jesus too. The revelation that this man knows everything in Jack’s heart would be too intimate and shameful to bear. The realization that we are not nice, not pleasant beneath our public face is universal truth. Look in your heart and be truthful to yourself. There are thoughts and actions and desires hidden, even from ourselves! The evil and wickedness of the world is not ‘them’. In the wise words of a cartoon character, Pogo: “I have met the enemy and it’s us”

The miracles that happened when Jesus asked for them are stunning and impossible. Does anyone know somebody that raised a man dead three days to life? Turned the world upside down with more incredible acts and words than are possible for only a ‘good teacher’ or as some say, ‘just a man’. At His execution by torture a Roman officer suddenly stated; “Surely this man was the son of God” Why was this statement made and recorded? Jesus being baptized by John with the audible words as Jesus came up from the water; ‘This is my Son in whom I am well pleased’ How about the thief on the next cross asking for remembrance when Jesus came into HIS Kingdom? The thief was granted forgiveness on the spot for his simple heart statement. I am stating recorded facts from many authors before and after the life of Jesus of Galilee.

My favorite is when King David was given the vision of his future great great… grandchild: “Yahweh said to Adoni, sit at my right hand and I will make your enemies your footstool”. Take it and embrace it or argue it away. Life or death, your choice. Always is, always will be. Track me down if you want and I will tell you truth. It’s pretty good. Jack