Hello..Hello..Is Anybody There?

The world has packed the phone booths and no one knows the number of another one. “Operator? I need to be connected. Can you do this for me? No, I do not know the number But I need to talk to them” Dial tone.

What is the question? What pushes us into that isolated phone booth? Who do we need to connect with?

It seems safe in the old fashioned phone booth. Sure, it’s glass and anyone can see me, but the door closes and maybe the people I fear will respect my need to be alone.

Perhaps I don’t need to talk to someone about this transparent loneliness I need to embrace. I need to be alone and yet, I know I need someone desperately to understand. No phone booth will take a message and help me call back. Someone took the phone book and all that is left is the chain. I wrap it around my hand to calm me.

Maybe later I’ll put on my mask and stroll into a shopping place and look around for something I need. There must be something I have forgotten that I really need to get. I cannot see very well as this mask fogs my glasses. I cannot see if anyone is smiling or not and I assume they feel the same way. Just assume they are as afraid of me as much as I am of them. Fear, my nemesis and my excuse for bad behavior.

Our nation, our country does not trust anymore. We don’t trust the government. We don’t trust our police force. We don’t trust the news we stream in daily. It’s no wonder that there are flash mob thefts, car jacking, drive by shootings and the like. We don’t trust ourselves and the things we were perhaps taught about trust.

There seems to be a shadow malevolent power that somehow is broadcasting destruction to us. There are a lot of exposes’ on the media of course. The shadow power is never named, never mentioned. Too risky. No doubt at all if named, the namer will be censured and dismissed as a conspiracy kook. Another schulb that spends their time hacking web sites with cold pizza and Dr,Pepper close at hand.

What’s the cure for all this destruction? It threatens our very country and our founding principles in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights. It will be exposed and defeated by one method only. Prayer. The Creator Himself sees these things and wants us to talk to Him. Earnestly. It’s not that He will change everything to suit our fancy and relief. He will talk with us as we talk to Him. Calming and assuring that this terrible destruction we see and feel is not what it appears to be. “Trouble, You’re gonna have trouble. But when the Bad is good. Then the good is not bad”a. Don’t be surprised by this and pray hard for His Love to flood us. To hold us and give us trust as His very gift. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

a. Clifton Chenier and his Louisiana red hots

One thought on “Hello..Hello..Is Anybody There?

  1. Norm,

    My apologise for not getting back to you sooner. Holidays are ‘busy-making’. A lot of travel for different kinds of gluttony.

    My brother was visiting from out of town helping with my parents wood collection for the winter. Thanksgiving on top of that made for many late nights and children falling under the weather with ‘the heavies’. So far no COVID but they were uncomfortable enough as it was.

    I hope that explains my lack of reply and absence from church.

    Looking forward for when the sunlight returns. The lack of the sun starts driving me crazy and it will be about 2 months before its better…So yeah.

    The holiday season really needs a lot to cheer about otherwise all this darkness just seems to take over. Thankfully we have Christ to focus on. And I look forward to those moments when he becomes real to me. I wish it was more often. And not in the brainy or theological sense. The real Jesus. The only One who can judge me completely and melt the fear of being judged: by the greatest drug of all time: Pure and untarnished Love.

    I think this may be the most Christ-like idea. Correction by Love. So often I think Christlike correction is Criticism+Gentleness.

    But in reality Love is knowing. First: what love actually is. Second: The target of Love is to be known. Third: Love simply is. And if it isn’t Love it will come out in critique.

    Criticism comes from insufficiency.

    Love begins with knowing.

    Correction comes from Love knowing us. If we cannot Love someone we cannot correct them.

    And in all of this Anger is only a twisting of Love itself. It is love infuriated and it is reason blinded. Anger is no sin anymore than money is a sin. But it leads to us to a haste that we can mistake for a proactive righteousness.

    These are the things I am pondering lately. Hopefully its a coherent thought.

    I am still trying to work out chapter 10. Hopefully I will be able to work through it this week. Then the journey will continue.


    On Tue, Nov 30, 2021, 2:30 PM Jack gators grace notes wrote:

    > norman eric peterson posted: ” The world has packed the phone booths and > no one knows the number of another one. “Operator? I need to be connected. > Can you do this for me? No, I do not know the number But I need to talk to > them” Dial tone. What is the question? What pushes us into ” >


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