Contemplating Eternity

                                  CONTEMPLATING ETERNITY    

“In the beginning” Three words that describe the entry into the creation of time and the impossible comprehension of what time really is and how time and eternity exist together. Heady stuff. Once
in 10th grade physics, Gator was asked to do a presentation on Einsteins theory of relativity. It was
impossible and the best that Gator did was try to describe the bending of light by suns and massive
Gas giants. Light that would cause the ‘known’ universe to actually be a sphere. It made our solar system feel like an indoor affair. (Thanks for that image from C.S. Lewis.)

The impossible times mentioned by astronomers which attempt to describe distance by the speed of light itself. A traffic sign out in the Crab Nebula: Speed limit 669,600,000 miles per hour. Light years
used to make it a bit simpler. A few miles a year. A bit faster than the fastest cars on the Autostrada in Europe. After all, the closest stars to our own are only 4 light years away, next door neighbors. So far, the closest exploration of space has been our moon, and recently, Mars. Not much to show for that effort except a couple of reasonably priced ATV’s left behind which are really neat.
The price is very reasonable, delivery is an issue and expensive. Really nice though, great on sand!

There is no logic that affirms bigger is more important. Saturn or Jupiter are not more important than
earth. The Andromeda Galaxy is not more important and ‘worthy’ than our solar system. It’s just bigger,
(a lot bigger) Is a child less valued than a grown man? Logic dictates the answers to this question.
Gator is assured that he is just a valuable as a President and vice versa. So it begs the question: What is
more worthy than anything we can see or touch or hear?

The dialogue between Lucretius and Posidonius in Voltair’s writings is another, older dialogue between the atheist and spritual men. Never grows old, these conversations. Both imaginary men written into existence by Voltaire are brilliant and their arguments well versed. Gator leaves it up to
you dear reader to read and enjoy the dialogue. Same ones between Steven Hawking and Ravi Zacharias. Many acknowledge Steven’s genius as I, but in matters of creation he was a bit off.

The debate continues throughout history. As for Gator, who has been spoken to by the living God, it is a moot point. What a privilege to have your life saved to write and speak about Jesus and His gentle ways. Time and time again He has revealed himself to us. Paying attention to that still, small voice
from the Word of creation is key. Impossible it is said. Gator is delusional and a fool. Such talk is
humorous and disappointing at the same time to Jack. Seeds of beauty and inquiry are planted at
such conversations. Denial is useless to Gator. He knows His beautiful and incomprehensible friend
that, somehow, has chosen a drug addicted young man to salvation. No reason other than to be a witness in the dock telling such truths. Look onto his eyes as Gator tells you story after story that excites him. You can tell. Jack is not delusional nor insane. Look into his eyes again. The steady gaze he has seen from His King with an unbelievable privilege. Is in there. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

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