Recreation or Re-Creation?

The same word, turned into a world view when seen as what it really means. Jack realized, not very long ago that he was, indeed, a bad man and still is in many ways. As though he had changed from what he was, into a nicer and more pleasant reptile. He was now not so inclined to slither around and gaze upon his neighbors, often good friends, with a sly thought that someday a tasty morsel would be available to him. And so, Jack’s recent change in personality was really shallow and as we say, ‘skin deep’. He was really trying to be nice and pleasant but when pushed by his real nature, he would then become what he always was. A fearsome and unpleasant creature. The real Jack deep down and capable of bad words and action. Pleasant enough most times but more interested in his own recreation.

Jack was not at all interested in being re-created into what he really could and should be. There were, lucid moments when Jacks’ family would remind him of his true nature. Irritated by this, usually Jack would dismiss these accusations as another family member being insensitive to his needs.

It usually did not work and Jack’s immediate thoughts were to get away from these unpleasant relatives and sulk and say to himself how unfair it all was. After a shorter time than usual, Jack would come to his ‘senses’ and slither back home and actually be humble and repentant of his bad behavior. What was going on with him? How could he, a bit later, realize a bit of truth and see himself as a bad person and reluctantly, afraid of everyone? The Gator family was used to Jack’s outbursts. Somehow they were also encouraged by the way he would turn and actually see, deep within himself, he was changing. but slowly getting ‘healed’. Jack was actually becoming a bit gentler and saddened by his bad behavior.

One may ask, if being nasty and bad tempered was his nature, how could he see this and want to be rid of that flaw? There really was only one explanation and that was that Jack was being changed. After counseling and firm but somewhat gentle reminders from his family it still didn’t seem possible. Someone, a person respected and absolutely perfect, was talking to Jack. Powerful and gentle talking convincingly to him. A person that Jack recently had become friends with, and Jack accepted what that person said to him. This new friend had been with Jack all of his life and even had saved Jack’s life!

Astonishingly, Jack did not see him nor even let Him into his home when He would come calling. Jack’s new friend was unbelievably persistent and would not leave him alone. finally Jack opened his door and shook hands with his old/new friend. Jack’s door was always closed and could have easily been opened by his friend. Amazing. But Jack’s friend would only cross the doorway if invited in. All of Jack’s life, this wonderful friend was eager to get closer, but even though powerful, He waited patiently until Jack finally opened his door and welcomed this man into his life. It was a good idea.

Slowly, but with obvious progress, Jack began listening to his friend. That was the biggest and best decision Jack ever made. A change had been started deep within Jack and he began desiring better and good things instead of what he usually wanted. Jack thought before he was really a good Gator. Deep down Jack knew he was not however. Now his new friend told him what was really in him all along. His new friend actually knew Jack before he was born and began telling him what he was made for and began helping him to do this. Jack’s friend is Jesus. It now is clear to Jack there was no way he could change without his best Friend’s help. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

One thought on “Recreation or Re-Creation?

  1. What a beautiful story about how Jesus waits patiently for us, doesn’t push Himself on us, makes it easy for us but we make it so hard for ourselves. And I’m thankful He changed your life!


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