Stuck in the Sandbox of Astrophysics

It’s a common play yard device, the sandbox. Castles and moats and endless small buckets packed full. Gators curiosity found him wandering about the internet, seeking wisdom on the makeup of the sun. Stepping out of the sandbox a little and wondering what some of the other reptiles have to say.

Plasma and sunspots and coronas oh my! Probes abound on the moon and mars, sending information on the astounding makeup of our cosmos. Of course the inevitable billions of years pops up as though there is an atomic clock complete with seasons of bombardment and planetary wobble. Gator admits the science of construction is sound. Speculative origins and reasons for origins are a bit dicey in the science. The most popular one these days is the ‘Big Bang’. You know the one. A big firecracker went off somewhere and all the see-able universe came out of that explosion. Carl Sagan and his billions and billions of years. A cosmic lay-away plan for evolution.

“I think, therefore I am an intellectual” So many voices vying us, telling us how old, how far, and yet, how unknowable. Always from as far as we have historical writings. I am, of course, assuming that up until fairly recently in the billion years the earth was created that the impossible microbial and double helix ‘came into being’. It would seem that carved stones and historical records were just not up to snuff to survive those millennia as we evolved from Reptiles (Gator gets on board with that one) but amazingly, the bees and the flowers evolved at exactly the same time so both could continue to exist.

There has been found ancient beeswax (not the old candles in our kitchen drawers either) All speculation on the thinnest evidence for eons. Atheist writers such as Darwin, Wallace, Origen and Dawkins believed adamantly in their cleverness and intellect seeing things themselves that any thinking man (if they were as clever as they were) would doubtless agree with. We can add Steven Hawking to that group as well. Of course, all dead, they now know the truth as must we when our time comes.

I prefer the wager that Pascal wrote. Simple bet, really. If I believe in the Lord when I have lived, then when my life is over, I spent eternity with Him. If there is no God then nothing happens when I die. If I do not believe in God, when I die I spend eternity without Him in eternal misery. If He does not exist then nothing happens. The added plus is a changed and joy filled life if we look to God for His truth.

Not much of a bet for the unbeliever. Death means either way. It’s where we spend it that counts.

It has been an ‘interesting’ time here on earth for us and lately, it has actually gotten worse on a global scale. We are desperately wicked and we are getting used to it as the frog, slowly boiling, relaxes in the comfy hot tub. Why not just have our sun go nova and wipe out the whole mess of us and start over? After all, we deserve it for our ways of worshiping ourselves instead of the obvious creator of all things. Time and again. Amazingly, the ‘astronomical price’ for all this horrible behavior we do, or even want to do has been paid. Talk about benevolent! God himself paid the price. There are many folk tales and fascinating fables such as Balder for one that tell this story. Echo’s of the real event. God dying and coming back to life. C.S. Lewis put it well in a fable, The Chronicles of Narnia. A fable that came to be true. It really happened and is documented in so many ways. God died and lived.

Remember baal? That false god demanded children be burned alive to appease him. Now we still kill them, but have added a profit of selling their body parts. 68.1 million so far, a large amount from black neighborhoods. Our government adores this murder for profit and eliminating people they deem ‘non productive’

He made us and all we see with a thought! I am glad He is merciful as well as wrathful. What is the tipping point for us? He has sent His Son fairly recently to show us the truth. It’s pretty good. Jack

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