A Friend and a Commission

It was Gator’s birthday and right in the beginning of supper, an old friend just happened to call. A short scramble to get the phone away from it’s USB umbilical and phone in hand, Jack’s friend from over a decade ago began to sing happy birthday. Stunning timing and it was during communion that Jack had to quickly ring off with a quick promise to call right back. It felt abrupt to Jack to put off this man that became a strong friend years ago.

There was still some leftover confusion on Jack’s mind from the day before. Leftover anguish and hurt that was still strongly present. That’s what happens to a lot of us when we mull and stew yesterdays problem over and over. You know the one that comes up. It was during morning the day before that Jack got wounded in spirit.

A surprise comment, even a glance or grimace that sticks. Partly dealt with but, still lingering with Jack.

He thought he would not be fit to call his old friend back. When Jack called back, the conversation was cut short and his friend said HE had to go. It felt so much like Jack’s anticipated rejection. His old friend was not answering messages and text and Jack thought he had offended his old friend somehow. It was a bit disconcerting. That did not settle well and seemed as if Jack had blown it. Again.

There was nothing to be done and then, the next day came a phone call from the old friend. Everything was fine and explanations were in order for Jacks shortness that Jack thought was very offensive. It was offensive but only to Jack. His old friend began to sooth him with another person on the line helping it work. Jack had to reveal the wound and where he had acquired it. Sharing failure and foolishness with his good friend.

Jack’s beloved old friend understood as only those friends can do and he began to sing to Jack. He sang soothing and healing from prompting from the other person in the conversation, a person Jack and his dear friend actually sing to themselves. The singer of singers, a man of no reputation who sings life into creation. Jesus.

The commission mentioned in the title of this column as a training that Jack and his old friend went through.

The training bonded them well with many circumstances that helped them surrender their personal agenda’s and listen and see who each other was. Astonishing acceptance and love between new friends. Jack even surrendered a valuable parking spot when the two of them met. Jack didn’t want to do it and he was brought up short by the commission they were there for. Training to be worship warriors. Learning Worship for the living God Jesus.

It felt right, again. The anguish was gone and now seen as an old wound that needed to be exposed to become healing and quick delight. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

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