Proximity key

We have seen them, perhaps even own one. A key for our cars that has only to be with you to work at unlocking and driving. Amazing. There has been a lot of chatter about ‘marking us’ with some sort of chip, embedded in our skin. This almost invisible implant would unlock anything, pay anyone and identify us. Most certainly this could be freedom of a sort and also frightening to consider the abuse and total transparency of our lives.

A popular movie depicts this information as a constant advertising tool as we move about. The chip is also used in these movies to inform agencies where and who we are. This tool is already being used in another country to control and reward or punish anyone foolish enough to throw a Kleenex on the ground. The reward comes to another that picks it up. Big Brother indeed. Aircraft already have this information available to traffic controllers which makes it much easier to guide and inform pilots.

There is another proximity key that we also carry that identifies us as members of a club. Not exclusive, no special hats or badges. There is a spoken indicator but it’s tricky as it changes every moment. Way beyond the Enigma. However, Gator has begun to respond to the proximity key club members carry. The challenging part is giving the code words or phrases without hesitation because appearances do not reveal an approach. Disappointment can occur when the counter code word (or phrase is not given back) Perhaps language is a barrier at times. Some countries have many in small areas so another way to contact must be utilized. Nothing spoken, nothing worn, not even body language is reliable. Behavior helps but it is not the end all either! The reliable and undeniable way to recognize another member is within ourselves.

There is a story about two babies, still in their mothers wombs that used that method to recognize one another. When the two women met, (cousins), the babies moved strongly within them towards each other. Recorded in historical records by the way. It is also an excellent, best way, to be drawn to another club member. Have you dear reader recognized the club leader? Members, by the way, are always welcomed and seniority does not exist. It is the organization of believers in the Son of God.

His name is Jesus and he has many other names. Gators favorite is ‘Wonderful’ If you are a member, good advice is to listen very closely for the voice within that tells you about these things. It is a voice of thunder and softness. It is stern and loving. The asking for the voice within is very important. We can close a window in our heart to stop hearing his voice but the voice comes in His window, not just a window.1 Our heart, spirit, soul and strength are always there within. It’s up to us to make those core parts of us available to Him. He will patiently knock on that door/window pane for our whole lives-pursuing us but we must reveal ourselves to Him and ask. After all, window latches are always on the inside. Door locks are meant to keep outside. He will not put a foot over the threshold unless asked to do so. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

1. George Macdonald ‘On the back of the North Wind’ 1871 William Clowes & Sons limited

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