The Sky Palace Part I

A fascinating and puzzling story has been told many times. No one seems to agree on it however. It is a story with a very pleasant ending, but the pleasantness seems to be up for interpretation and again, there are as many opinions as there seem to be people. Some folks say that we are eternal and when we die, we get to meet up with all our dear friends and relatives and have a big party that goes on..well..forever. Of course, you don’t meet up with ‘those’ relatives, who would want to? The sky palace subway has various fees. Of course, there are varying opinions about that as well. Be a nice person and don’t do too many bad things is a popular thought but that one is actually an invention of the Santa Claus set. You know the contract: Naughty or nice makes you OK but the naughty ones get coal in their hosiery. Fuel for thought.

The religious viewpoints vary quite a bit on eternity. A popular thought is that we get to be ‘one with God as a drop in the ocean of His eternal presence’ Sounds a bit like annihilation. A very interesting viewpoint is a religion that promises eternal worldly pleasures if you kill enough people who don’t believe in such things. So much for the ‘nice person’ clause. There are so many philosophical and theoretical opinions that eternal existence seems up for grabs to the highest bidder, winner take all. The most truthful and authenticated viewpoint is really a breath of fresh air among all the voices.

The stunning viewpoint that tells us in simple language that we are not very nice people, even though at times we think we are. We, of course, get worse as we do what we think is right in our own eyes. Easy enough even for Gator to understand. Jack has spent almost a lifetime doing what he wanted and thought was good. The worst was worshiping himself and looking for that platform where everyone knew his name. The talented one, pervading with incredible combinations of music and known by all as the sexy reptile. An easy religion, Jack knew all the rules and techniques to worship the god that everyone knows well. Himself or yourself are the gods of this age. (small G) Totally selfish and totally devoted to Baal. Similar to the shelf gods of ancient times. With actual photos and awards of himself on literal shelves at home. We all do it, c’mon, admit it! There is even a new name of this worship. Selfies! Who better to show off to the world of the connected than a photo of yourself! “Gator has changed his portrait!” Again. And incredibly, Jack thinks of himself as a nice person’ blinded by his self worship. But the real God saw him there and because He is rich in Mercy and because of His great love, He made Jack alive when he was dead. The only requirement for Jack to change all this and become alive is to die. Not a little bit, saving that special slightly off center activity that really harms no one.

All of him. Jack’s heart understands what was said to him and now, Jack is on his way to becoming the man he was made to be. The living God saved Jack’s life decades ago with five words. A blessing of deliverance from heroin that Jack acted upon. God said: “Life or death, choose now”

You have heard that term “born again.” It literally means to be as innocent as a newborn child. Ready with clearing vision to see the world and fellow children the way we were meant to be and to act that way. It is painful as birth but fulfilling as we take our first toddler steps. Steps as we wobble towards our Father who waits for us with open arms and an overwhelming joy as He watches us move to Him. Determination to grow, and grow well under His gaze of Mercy and His gifts. The goal and the prize of an eternity gazing upon our loving father’s beauty. It’s pretty good. (to be continued) Jack

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