Crippled by the fear of Death

There has come upon us yet another face of death, as though we needed another one. If you were living in the eighteenth century there also were a myriad of unpleasant forms of death. Cancer, polio, overturned wagons and vehicles of all sorts. Paralysis, railway accidents, the black death. but we all have been sentenced to death before the latest biological weapon was invented. Quite a few of us are going to die in unpleasant ways. After all, the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to our world which already has many such chances of death.

A friend that is a family doctor says: “All of my patients die”

Perhaps some of you remember in Grade School the old duck and cover to deal with a nuclear bomb? That way, we children could be instantly vaporized along with our crayons and flip top desk. Comforting. Or how about this modern way to save your life. Put on a mask over your mouth and nose and you won’t catch the modern plague. And the comforting thought is anyone around you will be spared. Maybe. IF the mask has small enough filtration to stop the 8 micron aerosol.

Cutting and sewing an attractive piece out of the quilting collection might look nice, but it won’t quite do the job. BUT it will put all the other folks at ease that shows you care and are a nice person to think of them. Good intentions actually. Sort of like the duck and cover in some ways.

The Fear that has a hold of our American society is astonishing and damaging in so many ways. The loss of human contact is actually the biggest loss. Not sales tax income for the state, not foodie disappointments and perfect latte’s. A lot of conspiracy people feel that the elimination of faith gatherings (church) is the reason we are being told to stay home. I like that one, it might be true.

What type of government will survive this debacle that will appeal to the ‘survivors”? A totalitarian rule that saved the survivors by locking away those awful infected people. What’s next? Perhaps a clever rumor or semi-official document with names and addresses of those that didn’t ‘Mask up” and thus spread the plague. Covid-Nacht with bricks and mobs exercising their right to health?

No, it won’t be like that, but it could be those self righteous and rebellious Christians that don’t follow ‘social distancing’ Endangering us! Think of the kids! Many rumors of rumors of numbers and statistics flying about like late spring deer flies. “I heard the hospitals are so flooded and out of those breathing tube things that if you get it, you will probably die on the street inside a white tent!” Facebook, the chat rooms, local news outlets, blogs. All streaming the latest death toll. You’re next! No wonder we are all getting frustrated along with our long toe nails and new pony tails.

This column was written several months ago. It seems like the ‘bricks and mobs’ sentence has come to reality! Frustration and a great focus on someone else that died by ‘authoritarian’ abuse that was, of course, captured on dozens of cell phones. What kind of country are we in now that condones violence that can be used for political points? Get your cell phone up quickly and get it on the web!

Throw some bottles and destroy business’ and loot and ravage to get that frustration/anger out for all to see AND get it on TV! It’s not the virus, it’s not the death after arrest of a looter or worse. It’s us and our lust for revenge, for money and what we don’t have that’s in that window. It’s our selfish way of making ourselves righteous in our eyes. What a riot. Jack Gator

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