Name of Middle Names

A repeat of a dream for several nights. Different places, different people, same impressive sign of the times. Suddenly an impossible thing happened throughout the world. Every man, woman and child had their middle names changed. On birth certificates, passports, licenses of all sorts. Every thing that is our ID was changed overnight and all the middle names were the same! All men, women and children. Impossible. What government could be responsible for this? My middle name changed in everything in my wallet, safety deposit box, bank and card account! You too?

What does this mean to us as an impossible event and what are we to do now? All humankind were now ‘relatives’ as we usually are given a middle name for someone in our family line. Thousands of years ago this became ‘set in familial stone’ One time a man mute named his son by the simple name of ‘John’ while his family was aghast over tradition violated. Oh yes, when his son was formally named John, he could speak.

The dream Gator had twice in a row was similar in chaos. As in most dreams, the moving about in unfamiliar houses and cities was a given and easily forgotten in the fog of early rising. Not the middle name however. It stuck in Gator’s memory till this was written. Must be written was the inevitable. Gator liked his new middle name because it was familiar and powerful. He could never grasp the equality of the name. It’s not done. The respect for the original owner of that name was embarrassing if wasn’t for the fact that everyone had it too. The dream meant a new thing was happening.

The dream name is found in several songs that Gator sings and plays. His family knows the name and who it belongs to. Of course, the new middle names are the first name of the real owner who actually was the first person to have it. It is the name above all names and is the first and last of a name for our creator, lover and written on the galaxies and all stars visible and imagined.

The name in the dream was Yahweh. Pretentious to an embarrassing degree, but there it was in Gator’s dream. What did it mean? What does it mean? It means family and a precious thought of unity and beauty imagined, perhaps only in Gator’s dreams to show him something. A time when all mankind will be united to the same family with another new name written on stone, a white stone for all eternity.

Yahweh, the beautiful, wonderful, lover of our souls, gave the dream to Gator not to call us all gods or think we were. It was the dream of a sign and wonder that God Himself was approaching. The time when old men will have visions. Young men will have dreams. Gator just got the dream as a gift. It’s pretty good. Jack

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