Consuming Fire, Fan into Flames

There came a moment in Jack’s life of a spark of a fire landing inside of him. A man was speaking while all around the man, people were singing. There was fire in the man and in his eyes. Jack was astonished as the words the man was speaking were indeed flames that had hot sparks flashing like meteorites towards Jack.

The sparks landed on dry tinder that was aching as kindling for the fire that was coming to it. A fire being fanned into a burning flame that would never cease. An eternal fire. Jack did not know what was happening to him at first. It felt good and right. It was right up the hill from home, a Christmas Cantata. Jack was not interested. Another Christmas celebration did not interest him. Reluctantly Jack went with his family to the church.

There were many questions inside of Jack, questions that everyone asks. Why am I here? In this case, right here, right now. Jack was transfixed by the fiery eyes and the beam of light bringing the glowing sparks to him. The astonishment of a life time of wonder being fulfilled. Am I dying? That kind of astonishment.

The complete and perfect source was being downloaded and the fire became hot. The spark, cast out from the eyes of fire had indeed done well. It was worth every moment in that man’s life to ignite Jack’s dry and tender life. The warmth began to settle into Jack’s deepest well. That place again of eternity. ‘YES! More, I have been waiting a long time for this. Jack was transfixed. The man was talking directly to Jack.

The man’s face was lit by a spotlight from the balcony. The light came straight to Jack. The man was telling well known secrets. “Mary, did you know that the tiny hands you hold were the hands that flung the stars into the sky? “ Yes, of course was the only answer Jack had. Of course, someone had to do it! Again another truth: “Mary, did you know that the lips you kissed are the lips that blew life into the world?”

Same answer. I don’t believe in something from nothing. It went on and on. Truth, undeniable truth that explained so many things that Jack could not explain. No one could explain those things that Jack talked about and the things we all talk about. A few people had tried to talk about truth of life to Jack but it was as though Jack did not want to hear them. I can figure this out. These people talk like old mumbling preachers or the ones who come to the door that are overdressed. Jack has always tuned out people that know more than he does. Even his calculus class in college. Jack,arrogant and selfish. The usual conclusions of the withdrawn and frightened.

This experience was unexpected and unmistakable. Music too was a direct pathway to Jack’s inner man. Singing and playing most of his life helped Jack to always listen to different music until he got bored. Not this time.

It was the concert of a lifetime of concerts. Played and listened too. Answers to all the songs Jack had ever been involved in. “Mary did you know that those eyes can see who you are” Yes! I have been longing to be known, understood and loved for all those parts of my being that I have held within me.

The music swelled up again, the spotlight beam widened to the choir as Jack began to weep, the cry with the beautiful one he had just met. “It’s all true” Jack began saying over and over. He had looked into the eyes of the creator of all things great and small. Galaxies and red giant stars. DNA and microbes within Jack. Jesus told Jack why and who and when. Never to be forgotten again. Jack’s wife knows now the impossible had happened.

Jack began to see truly love. He knew that he was loved and embraced by the eternal creator. It was time and that is a birth within Jack. Let the flame burn so it can be seen by others and tell them about me. Love with all your heart, spirit, strength and soul.

Since Jack was 11 years old he was on his ham radio tapping out the letters over and over again; CQ CQ (anybody out there?) I seek you I seek you. It was the best Christmas present that Jack has ever received. Unexpected and beautiful beyond description. It’s pretty good, Jack Gator

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