We are All of Us Broken

Who indeed would be more capable of preaching the ‘good news’ to anyone than Gator himself? Just about every rule that the Lord Himself gave Gator has been broken and dashed to pieces. Even the murder rule which Gator sought to break as he slithered around his old neighborhood. Gator’s thoughts broke Gator’s soul.

Looking for the man that deserved killing. Anger and retribution raged within him and the old German pistol, tucked in his backside was to be the tool. Fully loaded with 9mm hollow points. Cocked and locked. The offender was never seen, but Gator’s gang leader told him the job had been accomplished in a different way. A way of terror only as a prolonged, inevitable execution can be. Gator was glad. He raped my woman.

Now today, we watch and read of looting, destruction and again of guns and death. “If only they were given the opportunity to succeed” No, they are just doing what we would do if we lived there. “ Those people need a good education and healthy surroundings” How is that working for world leaders and wall street? We would be seated on thrones of wealth if opportunity was given. Corrupted, Just a little bit so no one will notice or care.

Same humans, just change broken windows and free stuff for derivatives and broken mortgages. More profit again.

‘If I ran things’ (Dr. Suess) I would give them/us money and free colleges. Just like us, ‘those people’ would leverage it into something a little more useful. A little profit over the expected. Maybe a lot of good connections to leverage law to my advantage (we call it lobbying) “Don’t lecture me! It’s perfectly legal!”

We are ‘those people’ We use excuses just like them and everyone does. I deserve better, it’s my right! They hate me. Why? Because ‘those people’ remind us of what we are inside. Broken and in denial of it.

After all we argue, look at the lions and the coyotes. They are just like us, Darwinian? Evolved into possessing the fang and claw to survive. There is a subtle but severe difference, we know that destroying life that is just like us is wrong. There is a built in knowledge that there is a right and wrong. We ‘kill’ each other with our knowledge of not being mere flesh and blood. Capable of higher things and mercy and love. “I’m no Hitler” we say. That’s good, One was quite enough. The majority of my neighbors would say so too. Unless I lived ‘over there’ in WWII and thought Adolph had the right idea. “Tell a lie once and it is seen so. Do it hundreds of times and it becomes truth”1.

As Gator realizes again after studying from Socrates to C.S. Lewis, all the twists and turns of philosophy turn us to observing our minds in different ways. ‘this is the right way to look at reality’ Good logic and often leading to discovery of good things. Not necessarily to the solution of finally seeing this reality of life as our brokenness, in desperate need of a solution. Somehow to do so much more than ‘forgiving ourselves’ once more for breaking a law that goes way beyond theft and our own judgment of others for being bad people.

Bad just like us. Sinful is a good term to use. We are all guilty and in need of a solution, to be whole and what we have been created for. Not red of fang and claw but worthy of loving only like one man ever did.

Ask that man and he will make you fresh and new if you really mean it. Jesus can do this for you.

It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

1. Joseph Goebbels

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