Landed Aristocracy

It would seem this sort of thing goes on all the time. I own more land than you so I’m more important than you

There was a time when a rural parish with a large amount of land was threatened by one of their neighbors in a most unusual way. It was at first a subtle threat, an undercurrent of incredible dimensions.

The threat came, very surprisingly from the parish’s own Baron of landed gentility, an authorized gentleman with a coat of arms and landed property. There seemed to be nothing behind the threat except a thirst for money. Incredulously, the people of the parish began doing the only thing they knew how to do. They prayed, they read the precious scriptures and met in their homes and church’s to see what the Lord was saying to everyone. However,some folks began pointing fingers with gossip about the gentleman in spite of the Lords gentle but firm commandment not to do so.

One of these men was led to visit the gentleman and that usually wasn’t done as the Barons business was still managing and being an appointed steward of the large parish. It was a lonely and somewhat frightening experience. The Baron was known to be a man of explosive temper. Still, that one single man was accepted and a conversation began. It was made clear the Baron was held in honor still by that single man and that character assassination and gossip was not to be tolerated by that one man. It was a plea for honor to prevail. A Bible was held by that single man as his strength and a symbol of obedience to the Lord of creation. As things progressed, it was a very hard oath to keep.

Much talk of earlier times took place and even a bit of laughter about the Barons father. But after a misunderstanding between them upon a second meeting, a note was sent that in no confused language that the single man was cursed and misunderstood and called unpleasant names.

That one single man brought a tonic of elderberry juice from his wife and on his fourth visit, he brought a delicious gift. His gift was dismissed as the Baron already had that gift in his garden. “No thank you” and an obvious “you may go now serf” “Give the gift to my son if you wish”

That single man was confused, hurt and immediately went back to his Bible to see what could be done to salvage this relationship. Nothing came to him and legal battles between the Baron and the people began to get unpleasant and expensive. The courts move slowly as most courts do and there seemed no way to go back to the pleasant life of all lived near. The wheels of justice grind slowly but finely.

The battle between the neighbors and the Baron continues even though it seems hopeless. Suddenly, perhaps a compromise was given between them. It seemed it would work and the neighborhood rejoiced. The Barons plan was thwarted,… perhaps.

The legal battle however, continued to redress the Baron for his outrageous behavior in light of his obligations to the community. In spite of that one single man’s attempts to minister and he had suggested a better path to the ostracized Baron.

Whatever the courts decide and the underhanded and stiff necked way the Baron acted; are going to be remembered like a forest fire that could have been worse. That memory will linger long after the Baron sleeps with his fathers. The family coat of arms is now tarnished as that one single man tried to prevent such a thing with simple courage over fear because scripture demanded it. There are celebratory events now over the near miss but the Baron is in a jail of his own build. It could have been much better for him. Wealth is seductive and destructive and that one single man is embraced by his neighbors but still puzzled and saddened by what he was led to that had Seemingly no impact on the now disgraced Baron. The anger from the disappointed Baron has even led to him closing certain paths and small roads in the shire, just to show them who’s in control.

Of course, the original plan is now being challenged by all enjoined people and the plan itself is being brought to light as even more insidious as first appearances were. The treasurer of the high powers that seduced the Baron is working his way to still possess and exploit the beautiful country side. The Baron was just a tool to get things rolling and he may be compensated by this money manager, but Baron is no longer the one perceived as in control. The strings of the puppet are being moved by higher powers and the dance is encompassing the entire shire.

The Baron put forth another team to put the plan right through the wicket. A well thought up plan that used his close relatives to direct the exploitation by using unknown citizens of the shire to make a well funded play to be the new Sheriff and his merry men. Men that will be very useful to the Baron but are seen by some residents for what they are. Pawns thinking they are Nights of battle. Useful for what the Baron needs them for. Respected men that believe they are helping the shire survive.

The whole county is being destroyed by the high powers and it seems there are not many ways to stop this disaster. A foreign invasion of sorts and the ‘profits’ of the exploitation are indeed motivated by another country’s need for the resources of the county itself. The Governor himself is obligated to come to the aid of the usurper as there are benefits guaranteed and agreements have been made. It’s really an old story of divide and conquer. Get the people opposing each other, then strike.

Indeed, it is the supply of food to the invader that is motivating all the moneyed folks with dreams of fortune and dazzling profits. It’s big and seemingly unstoppable but there is one far above the King, one alone that owns everything anyone can see, even to the planets and stars. After all, the Lord of Lords made everything that has been made.

Petitions have been given in various ways to the Lord of Lords and it is known that he reads and responds to each and every one. The response is up to Him and the people of the Shire. The world once again awaits the awesome revelation and direction from the Lord. At one time, the Lord was asked which beautiful name would be given to the people to call upon Him. He answered, “I am what I am

Jack Gator

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