The origin of Jack

There was Jack, moving through his life as though it was a normal one. He was a high functioning Asbergers child and did not trust anyone with his love. No one. There was a secret place in Jack that was a ‘go to’ place when his life felt scary and in need of protection. Jack found that protection in various ways. He made up stories and submerged in music. It worked for a while until he was almost 70. By then, the made up stories were real ones and music was his dream world. Listening and playing since he was in grade school. He still does. Comfort moves such as grounding himself in some way with a touch on a silk blanket or just ‘zoning out’ with usual movement patterns. The smell of his hands works too. Recently, Jack began writing about his life and his observations of astounding events that could only be classed as theologically overwhelming and usually joyful. Jack recently got some good advice on writing. “Try to be original and you will not succeed. Write your heart as best you can and you will be original”

It’s pretty good.

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