An appropriate time of the month for leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast. Solidifying green bean casseroles, dry stuffing and aging pumpkin pies. The mashed potatoes are also dry and in desperate need of hydration. The mince pie ages on the counter quite well and is attended to by Gator in most gracious manner. It’s gone. The turkey was perfectly roasted, due to lasting oddness from the latest plague, is dry and tasteless. No sense of taste unless spicy, sugary or well salted. Very good for a dish that is sweet with hot peppers and inordinate amounts of salt. With powerful dill pickles and green olives. The pertinacious experts of these things say that the sense of smell and taste will reappear in a few weeks to never. Sort of like the weather on TV.

So, with the election of high offices, there are a few leftovers as well. New and in the usual fashion, clusters of officials that may wind up tasteless and unpleasant soon afterwards. Also useless and in plain site, left on the shelf or counter of the power of the new regime. Leftovers that were somewhat tasty at the outset. Fresh out of the oven of ascendancy, too soon reheated and unsatisfactory to the countries fickle pallets. It has always been so. To quote the biography of Queen Victoria’s court, The nasty old men, debauched and selfish, pigheaded and ridiculous, with their perpetual burden of debts, confusions and disreputable behaviors. ”1

There are, of course many of these ‘leftovers’ that are quite nice and have survived the transfer of powers and influence. Courtiers and advisors too of the utmost reliability and honesty. Appointed for that very reason. Governors that actually consider the people they are responsible to from the highest court to the very local satraps and heads of small townships. Effective or out of expiration dates in many instances. More leftovers to be closely examined and even tasted to ensure their continued good functionality. Some forgotten on shelves of uselessness until the decay and mold gives them away. Into the big trucks with flashing lights and interesting hydraulic gathering devices.

The curious thing about leftovers is the preservation and care given to them. The really good ones such as pecan pies and managers of sound fair behavior, are still good and usable. It matters not at all whether they have ‘connections’ such as lineage or the reputation of their kinfolk. Decay is usually easy to discern (except, of course by the bad deviled eggs all together) Throw them all out, the others will soon go bad as that is their obvious nature.

So the leftovers can be suitable for a long time, some even put back for continued use. (cranberry sauce and beneficent landlords) The true nature of them and the care and skill of the cook can ensure no waste and the satisfaction of a job well done. Both advisors and their companions.

Our choice. Back in the larder for usefulness or out to the big green, plastic container of wheels for quick transport to the compost pile of decay out of sight and memory. It’s pretty good, Jack Gator

1, Lytton Strachey 1880-1932 Queen Victoria’s Accession

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