Day 365

It was getting a bit dicey and worrisome for everyone. The quarantine was working somewhat, but the death toll was still climbing everywhere. The news-room personalities were beginning to visibly sweat, and it wasn’t the stage lighting. Cameras were fixed and it was obvious there was only one camera and no director for various shots and video inserts. Just one camera, and no one behind it. The personality was reading off paper in front of him (no prompter) and the weather didn’t have any green-screen and the prognostication was ‘somewhat’ vague.

Grocery stores had empty shelves, but that was all right because the parking lots were empty too. Gasoline was down to 75 cents but no one was buying except medical and military. Pleasant driving if you wanted to risk it. Roadblocks and intra-state driving enforced with the national guard. No one moved unless you have paperwork displayed on the plates, fore and aft. The bridges were secured.

The phones still worked and the power was pretty good. Amazingly, there were still areas where the fibre carried the internet but the load on that pipeline was enormous. Many reliable and local updates on where latest food and scavengers were moving and advice on security measures. Very little panic. Neighborhoods or townships were unifying and assistance grew within them.

Medical triage and field medic people were in big demand and local connections worked pretty well. Following the alerts where the looters were predicted, these honorable people were available to friend and foe alike. The locals began to see something they had not seen before. Compassion and a love for their fellow man, almost impossible to understand. When asked about this, the the medics and doctors would smile and reply with an understandable Gospel. Before it all, the immediate response to a faith message was “great, they’re going to tell me how I can be just like them if only I follow the rules” Now there is a serious response to the joy found in seeking the Lord.

There was dialogue and questions. Then we began to reveal how much we thought and felt about this similar ‘bad’ behavior in ourselves. Certainly not saints but somehow happy and …well, free. No rules given, just paying attention to the hunger for human contact everyone was experiencing.

The somewhat simple explanation from these medical volunteers was easily understood. Many times there was a request to have them visit again if possible. It was was new and stunning. No suits and ties, no endorsements of local church connections. No tracts or phony glad handing.

Real missionaries. The calmness and strength of these volunteers was what everyone needed. The usual isolation and fear of each other was being replaced with community and trust. After a short while, sanctuaries were set up for the desperate roaming families and civilization came back to stay. There was no doubt that Jesus had done a miracle and there was great hope and strength spreading throughout the land. It’s pretty good.

Jack Gator

One thought on “Day 365

  1. This is Gator’s first piece of ‘fiction’ written around March of 2020. It seemed inevitable and actually, some of it has come about. Don’t believe the news, gossip, and your own hearts. Talk to the only one who truly knows and loves you. It’s pretty good.


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