In Who or What do you Trust? II

It used to be a little easier, back in the days of solid thinking and awareness of who and what we are. Those days were the times when all men had a grounding of basics. The three ‘Rs’ of education. You know them. Righteousness, Reason and Reality.

The first destruction of these three was back in the fifteenth century. A revelation of correct science removed reality and replaced it with a lot of hopelessness. “Trust the science” as a most recent clarion call we hear. What does that ‘trust’ involve in our world view?

It is indeed odd that at that time, all of mankind believed that our world was the center of the Universe. The sun and the planets and all visible things we could see in the skies above revolved around us. Our lives were the center of creation at that time. Then N icky Copernicus discovered the scientific set up of our Galaxy for starters and no longer were we at the center of the show. Interestingly, we are the center of creation because life is unique to our world. All the radio ‘telescopes’ and the super strong observatories in orbit and headed out of the solar system say the same thing. The universe is incredible. Beautiful almost beyond description. And void of life. Searching vainly for microbial signs from our neighbors and watching the shadows of planets orbiting star systems for any signs of life akin to our own. Trust the science, nothing has been found and obviously, as clever as we are, it seems we are alone. Orbital mechanics are fascinating of course. All true. Random? Of course not. It was easier when we saw majesty in the sky. Now it’s just a big clock that’s winding down.

The second destruction came a bit more recently in the nineteenth century. Another scientist made an audacious claim. He claimed that all life just happened from random occurrences about Megalithic ages ago. You know the guy, Chuck Darwin. Trust the science. Evolution became the backbone of atheism and our centrist existence was tossed on the scrap heap. A big firecracker went off a bit of a distance away and all things evolved out of that one event. No one has yet theorized who lit the fuse. All this from the beak of birds changing shape.

The third ‘nail in the coffin arrived a few thousand years ago from Plato and Socrates all the way up to David Hume and Karl Marx and Chris Hitchins and other humanists that logically decided since we evolved from amoebas and upwards to complex animals, we were animals. Tooth and claw, survival of the fittest and our basic selves were just products of our ‘wiring’. Nothing special about us, just evolved into the highest form of animals.

Trust the science. Right and wrong, emotions and belief in a creator finally proved just a construct by ourselves. Drive over the old woman on the side of the road or stop and help her with her packages. No difference, just a product of our upbringing and philosophic view of life.

There, we have it, in our brilliance we have removed the creator of all life. With our minds and a bit of ink and paper. Carl Sagan voiced it very poetically. “All there is and all there ever will be” Logic and our willingness to believe the science as it were, has reduced us to nothing special. Just a bunch of limpets on rocks catching a few rays and food from the local Algae-mart or Barnacle Bills take out. Evolving into deans of philosophy perhaps?

Science does not show us the reality of who and what we are. It shows us impossible evolution’s such as DNA, eyes and ears and mind. Science does not show us our soul either. There is only one way to know our soul and that is not scientific analysis with wave-forms and electron microscopes. We have been given life, amazing life by a living God. Life begets life. Jesus taught us this way of looking deep within and seeing him as the whole reason we are here. Alive. In need of reality that makes sense without the ‘science’ of it. The knowledge of who we are and why we are and what is the purpose of our lives. Righteousness, rebirth and reality. It’s pretty Good Jack Gator

Credit to Og Mandino’s ‘The greatest Miracle in the World’

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