A Vision of Forever and Ever

It’s always been there and it always will be. Described by a man thousands of years ago when he was on an island in the Mediterranean (Patmos). Eternal joy. Gator was given a two second glimpse of that years ago. It was pretty good. Ask him about it, Gator loves to share these things.

Gator’s family has been given some of those enticing and wondrous glimpses into that joy too. What a gift it is. I am certain that quite a few of you reading this have experienced the curtain of eternity pulled aside briefly. We wait behind that curtain for our part in the play and it is irresistible to peek.

There is something, there is everything, there is wonder and amazement just so close to us. Often, without even knowing it, we are given a sneak preview of that grand production. Another gift. Gator has written about these things as long as he has been writing. Most of it falls short. After all, if Gator was able to write perfectly, he wouldn’t have to keep trying to get it right. It’s close sometimes but always in need of a sequel to flesh it out again. Like this one. Perhaps this time he will get a bit closer and capture even his own attention. That’s the best way.

There is that writing that Gator mentioned in the first sentence. It was written by a man named John. He saw what we all yearn for. Meaning to life. Gator, a musician, really resonates with this vision as it has a lot of music in it. Can you even imagine a breath taking song that you could listen to…well.. forever, and never tire of it’s beauty? Never ending as the slow breath of a perfect song.. The music of the spheres at night that are the innumerable stars, all singing, just for you because of love. Things like that.

Music that sings of that beauty. About that beauty and sung to the author and creator of the song of beauty. It is an eternal song that never grows weary and is always fresh and stunning again and again as it reaches farther than the small galaxy that sings along. Gator and his family once sang a song echoing that. They sang a prayer that went on for a few hours and when it was done, they saw that the clock in that room had stopped running at the precise time they had begun. Appropriate. It was the last song sung in that prayer room. The new owner of the building did not know about these things. For the family it was another glimpse and kiss from our Creator.

There is a place that sings these things and has been doing it for over twenty years. Non stop. Every two hours, another team steps up and continues the worship. It is a delightful way to connect heart to Heart. Gator turns on his computer and puts on the headphones early, and listens and watches for a bit. A cup of coffee and worship is a good way to start the day. Different people taking the yoke of beauty in a room of worship that never stops. In a very small way, echoing that vision given thousands of years ago on that little island in the Mediterranean sea that Gator has sailed on. No time has passed, no ceasing needed. Beauty forever to the creator of beauty

It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

One thought on “A Vision of Forever and Ever

  1. Soooo beautiful!!! It is just a glimpse like you say, that we measure and explain with things on earth BUT what will it be like when we stand there face to face with the Light!!


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