I’m Good to Go, it’s on my Facebook page!

How many times has Gator asked friends and new acquaintances the common question we all ask, “How are you doing!” Mostly as a conversation opener when we don’t really care and perhaps don’t even remember their name. It’s clean fill talking and we all do it. The answer is usually just as insipid and often, depression on a deeper level. “Doing fine” or just “fine” The answer lately Gator has heard really started him thinking: “better than I deserve!” Instantly, Gator shudders and recently has thought; You have no idea what you deserve. These four words are a double edged sword in our lives. Everything we have ever done is not a novel or a movie that moves on a timeline to a usual glorious and ‘deserved’ end of the epic story we all have. ‘Finally, I have attained an understanding that God loves me and everything I do now and have done badly is forgiven and I am a new man!’ Really? What does the word ‘new’ mean? New and improved like toothpaste? Or is it death of self and re-birth?

There is a very common club that we many have joined up,( like a Holy Rotisserie club) that meets once a week at a convenient building and has a speaker that tells us again about our salvation from sin and the promise of meeting all our loved ones after our earth death. Comforting like a really good Lazy-Boy that sits awaiting us when we are weary and needing rest from ourselves. The concept of being reunited with people we have loved really appeals to Gator. However, what are we to do for eternity with those relatives and their friends? All speculations given seem absurd to Gator. Visiting the interior of a giant red star sounds good for a starter. Moving through eternity with a focus on the creation would be nice, Or being at the rocky shore of Malta while Paul gets shipwrecked. An action packed vacation that lasts…forever. Snacks available at the Kings table.

Gator’s problem is that still seeing in the temporal sight doesn’t add up to vision in the eternal. In concept it feels like examining a collectible postage stamp for decades or sitting in a lawn chair forever watching a tree grow. An image that speaks boredom, buried alive in that Lazy-boy for an eternity with nothing to do. “Rest in Peace” Right. Sleeping forever, encased in a steel box inside of a cement box. Similar to Egyptian rulers we have found after centuries ‘sleeping’ inside of huge pyramids. They look a little worse for wear and not really sleeping or peaceful. Temporal. As a squirrel hit on the township road is resting in peace as the eagle flaps away when we draw near.

Boot hill with chiseled granite for an address with no mail slot and sort of tipping a bit after a while from frost heaves. Gator is trespassing on strong memories of loved ones and that is not the intent at all. He just has a strange mind that challenges concepts and precepts taken as reality seen by the world. The reality of the invention of a way to kill many men quicker with a machine gun or the casual acceptance of a shop that sells photos of other people unclothed. Akin to a country that is so fascinated with food that has strip tease shows of cuts of steaks on a platter on a stage that are completely unclothed just as the curtain is closed. 1.

Obsessions. Facebook (ourselves featured as the main event) selfies and selfie sticks.”Hey, could you take my picture!” Or Mini mansions on lakes, visible near the shore to generate awe and lust. “Nice house! Too bad it’s not closer to the road so everyone can see it” This was Said to Jack by a friendly new neighbor visiting for the first time.

We are fascinated with ourselves from baby photos to death masks. Leave something behind, show something now too, validate and elevate ourselves to overcome inevitable death. Eternity which makes quantum physics two plus two. Gator welcomes ideas. He likes to visualize music that never stops building crescendos with stunning beauty as he gazes upon his Lord. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

1. C.S .Lewis

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