Welcomed Well Dressed Visitors

The Volvo came to a stop right in front of the shop doors. It was early in the afternoon and Norm had just changed into clean work clothes. The Volvo looked familiar and two men stepped out and began walking down the cement sidewalk towards Norm at the door. They were, perhaps, looking for a quick visit. Possibly to have work done on their car.

Norm felt good at his hospitality and genuine welcome to the two strangers. Well dressed and with a briefcase. His First thought was insurance adjusters from a many months ago traffic accident. Better yet, the knowledge that this might be astonishing to emissaries or missionaries from the local Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Norm asked them in with a smile and showed them the handy seat for changing boots and asked them if they could like to come in and if they would like to take their shoes off in the entryway. They did so and Norm went into the parlor and sat on the couch. He beckoned them to have a seat and swung around his desk chair and scooted up the rocking chair a bit closer to the warm wood stove. They felt welcome and they sat down. The fellow with the briefcase pulled out a Bible and asked Norm if he read it.

The answer to the Bible question was that Norm and his family were somewhat literate with scripture. With the gifts of the spirit visible around the living room walls and signs of faith, it was well received. The older man and his young companion smiled and were pleased. Just to relax them a bit, Norm told of his favorite John Crist video about Lazarus.

All the Bibles were then given serious flipping of the wonderful thin and strong pages. The focus at this time was the prophecies about the end times and Jesus’ role within them. Daniel to Revelation. It all seemed to concentrate on the New Earth and Salvation. Julie joined them and began asking questions. When the tract came out from the elder it was obvious the two of them were Jehovah Witness’ members and relaxed perhaps because that they were sitting in a comfortable warm place with people that love our Savior and His Word.

Perhaps the usual brush off was anticipated. A quick hand off of the Watchtower and it’s over.

The Biblical discussion segued into the end times and questions about who gets ‘in’ who doesn’t. Simple enough to be known by Norm and Julie and yet it isn’t an easy path to maintain. The world seems to feel differently about those things. Norm’s new favorite quote: “My mind still visits from time to time” Prayer is the key. There were mainly questions tossed out referencing to Daniel and Ezekiel, two books that Norm has not committed parts of to memory. (Norm is studying Job and the Song Of Solomon). Men’s group is into a really good book too, John. The old covenant and the new Jerusalem were a focus now with the two men.

Julie asked some really good questions with her testimony of Christ living within her heart. An essential situation for lovers of the Lord. A prayer warriors weapon of mass construction of a peaceful life. Norm is glad she is by his side as his partner in faith and worship. Often she gives clarity to the hard things of life.

It went well and time was slipping away when it just started getting to be a good conversation about serious things. The two polite and well dressed men had other appointments and it was sort of rushed. Many reasons came to mind, but it was not yet time for them to go. Julie invited them to a coming prayer gathering. But they had to go. Not chased off in a huff but encouraged by lovers of scripture as they are. Real handshaking and smiles as the two men left. It would be swell if they show up at the prayer event. It’s local for them too.

It seems common that some of Jesus’ church seem to have a bit more hunger than other gatherings. Too much of this and that, too little of that and this. Some gatherings feel that their way is the only way.

For Norm and Julie, prayer is the focus of their faith. Sung prayer too. Sung scripture is another window to Jesus’ heart. Rather than suddenly leaving a gathering of their current church, they move on when called to yet another place to pray and intercede as Jesus intercedes for them. Their friends left behind stay friends, that is a given.

Mystery and hunger and love combine as fuel for the best fire of all. Perhaps another gathering of the Lord’s romance will call them away again. Their travel agent supplies destinations. It’s pretty good, Jack Gator

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