It has been said by visitors. It has been mentioned by friends near and far. The sanctuary, the retreat and safe place. A place of renewal and freedom. A few folks have been helped here. It is a home of those who have been called to offer a retreat or even adoption. It’s not easy to do so. But it is fulfilling.

There have been several who have been adopted and offered residence as long as they need to be here. Many such places have been scattered throughout the world. I’ve been given one, it is the least I can do to offer ours.

A reason for being bold, the main reason for anyone in my position to never back down. Never deny the power of Jesus. I have been told not to speak so ‘loudly’ about the Creator of my life. Your life. All life.

He is not some ‘shelf” god or someone that can do every thing that we think we need. Comfort, security and some sort of wealth. Opportunity, fame or a good reputation just because you think you deserve it. We don’t deserve anything from this world except a guarantee we will run out of gas. Run out of time after we stop running after the ghosts of those idols. No where to turn except the grave. There is hope however for us.

A promise from the pivot point of all men was a celebration this year. Again. The death of God and his appearance a few days later to hundreds. Deny it. Noting makes truth disappear. History is now challenged as just a story that can be changed as we wish. Libraries and professors of history are amused with absurd rejections of truth. Jesus’ death and resurrection is in history. Undeniable. The people that accepted death rather than deny this history are many. The logic and reality is that none of us would accept execution by torture if we were living a known lie. I would deny that pivot point of all mankind if I knew it was not truth.

There are a other streams of thought that engender death for a cause but none of them are noted in history of God dying for us. Loving us and mankind. None of them. The Japanese god emperor did not offer his life for you. The hijack and promise of worldly rewards after death did not die for you. The wisdom of eastern wise men did not die for you. None of them died and came back to life to be seen by at least 500 people. One of them taught sacrifice and love for our fellow men. Some of them promised death to those who did not believe in them. Several had scary underlings that punished you for not obeying their orders. These gods (small g) are false. I have lost a satisfying writing position because I would not deny this truth. As though the one savior of all mankind was an opinion. To we who believe the truth, there is nothing even close to an opinion about Jesus. Either you know Him or you do not. I do not condemn or criticize the wrong decisions made. Makes me sad.

Many much more erudite writers than I have done a very good job making this decision clear. My favorite one is C.S. Lewis. His favorite was G.K. Chesterton. I recommend reading their writing. If you can read this good advice, and I assume you can because you are reading this. Try it, those two authors alone woke me up. (Not the foolish way that word is used these days.) Awaken O sleeping ones and read history and make up your own minds. My life has been affected and even saved with miracles undeniable to me. Often these things are not believed by some. That’s OK with me. I know they are true. I was there. I am a warrior and not afraid to speak of the love of my life. Jesus. Be afraid, that’s OK too. We have all been afraid of affection. A big dog runs at you and knocks you down and with his paws holding you down, begins to lick your face. It’s a silly image but sometimes that’s the surprise and shock of having fear overwhelmed with affection. Just my way of trying to express the flood of love unexpected.I’d really enjoy talking to anyone with curiosity and hunger for truth about these things. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

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