….The Lord called Adam and said “Where are You?”

drawing by Jesse Selin

Adam and Eve were on their new iphones and could not hear the Lord because they had their ‘ear buds’ on. The invention of distraction and non productive gazing had already been given to them. “Not now Lord, we are gazing upon some pictures of people like us that are naked. We are attracted to them and now realize we are also naked.”

Who told you that you were naked?” Our browser told us and we were on line with someone in the garden who told us intriguing things. The apple iPad has shown us the difference between good and evil and it is indeed the evil that excites and tantalizes us. Please be patient with us Lord as we are playing a game that rewards us in bite coins.

Suddenly the garden’s WiFi stopped working and the router was located over by the gate to the garden. Adam and Eve walked over to the gate and the electrical worker there brandished a very high voltage sword-like wire and told them their lease was up, the WiFi now was locked with a password and they had to leave.

The login word was ‘Jesus’ and the password was ‘ TheCross’ It took Megaloptic ages for the login and password to be seen by their descendants and there was great hope that the garden was available to everyone that, like their ancestors, knew the difference between good and evil and knew it was impossible to be totally good.

The login has been known for thousands of years and the password is visible to everyone, but many did not think about the garden or the tree or the promise now offered to them for freedom and a life in the garden forever.

It’s not too late to log in and be set free. Ask and it will be revealed to you. Look upon Jesus and see His nail pierced hands, put yours in His wounded side, give Him all your Heart because He’s given you His for all time.a

Jack saw his best friend pass that gate into the garden and beyond. His friend looked back upon Jack and said five words: “It’s better than you said!” It was a gift from God to see that and all Jack did was love his friend and give him the log in and password. He knew Jack and he were bad men and also knew there was hope for them both. Jack was astonished and is still stunned by the beauty of that gift. Jack’s eyes were closed when he was given this gift, sitting in a church pew. It was appropriate and It’s pretty good. Jack Gator a. Jon Thurlow

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