Game plan

Gator has been studying a lot lately. It seems as though taking a College correspondence course is right in time with the strange times we are in, the whole world is in. Distance work, computer work now made possible with fast internet and social acceptance. There are great benefits to working at home. Good coffee for one. No ground coffee in the cans for Gator. Pleasant contact with family, mostly. Casual clothing too. Just sit at the keyboard in his Wall-Mart shopping pajamas and start working with the bean grinder and French press nearby.
A game plan that satisfies. After Gator passed his philosophy finals, he found something pleasing. He kept studying historical philosophy for more insight. To be more aware of his own thoughts and philosophic views.

A poem by Frederick Nietzsche, translated from German, hit Gator profoundly: “Oh man, take heed of what the dark midnight says: I slept, I slept—and from deep dreams I awoke: The world is deep—and more profound than day would have thought. Profound in her pain—Pleasure more profound than pain of heart, Woe speaks; pass on. But all pleasure seeks eternity—a deep and profound eternity”

Nietzsche, without trust in an infinite and personal God, went insane in beautiful Switzerland. We now realize without that trust we develop what we refer to a ‘Game Plans’ We shut ourselves up in the structure of a plan and do not look beyond it. Perhaps a plan of a secure retirement investment, shaving two seconds off of a 50 yard breaststroke or getting that hole in one. Once the game plan actually comes to fruition, another one is created that keeps us in that focus on our immediate pleasure. Only ourselves in mind, others get in the way a lot.

For the professing Christian, the game plan can work against him. It can set aside the complete and absolute surrender to the living personal God. Only complete surrender to our Lord can make our game plans world toys, suddenly unimportant. Many times Gator has been told to do things, say things perhaps or just go somewhere and quite a few times Gator argues with the Living God. The Lord is gentle with him but very insistent. Patient.

Gator’s worldly game plan was high gas mileage! Until that goal of adding several tenths of a mile was revealed as absurd, he kept to it. Resenting other motorists for being foolish for rushing stop signs and tail gating he began to understand how selfish and isolating he was being. Now Gator can see anxious people in many different circumstances. Driving, shopping, manning a public help desk, many other places where Gator has contact and influence to help or hinder. To understand the game he was playing was dominating every thing he did. Gator’s obsession with efficiency now has become his delightful ‘game’ of seeing how he can make life easier for other people, most of them strangers. A life long game plan that will have eternal pleasure generating the immediate joy now and forever. Gator makes plans still but they are short and usually simple. Shopping or writing. With the often gentle presence of the Lord, the plan is His. Gator feels the difference when it’s Jesus’ plan.

It’s a real ‘game changer’ for Gator. Seeing the string of headlights behind him in the morning’s commute path, Gator now adjusts his velocity to enable a perfect ‘string of pearls’ behind him. Little taps up or down on cruise control to match the vehicle in front or in back of him. A dance on the highway. A dance down the long curved hill to the river that reveals behind him perfectly spaced headlights moving into the day ahead without hindrance or anxiety.
Gators’ new focus is on his Creator that shows him these small things. Taking chances when told to instead of retreating. Knowing what to say occasionally after a delightful quick chat with an absolute stranger, “you’re a Christian aren’t you” Sometimes Gator is then asked “how do you know?” “Because it shows” he answers. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

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