The Quisling

Perhaps it was too easy to fall for the money. An outside source came hove into view and the world became new before this traitor started his work. His new companion fled to another town till the dust settled and his plan was completed. Or not. Serious outcomes and it did not end well. Selling out for power and money is never a good idea and eventually, comes to a bad end.

The local people were powerless because of paper documents and agreements were written with the ability to fight the invasion disabled. Written out from other politicians with pocketbooks enhanced by associates and directors of power. No one initially knew what to do. An outcry became loud and many signs started appearing in front of homes deriding this plan.

War came, it was inevitable. Statesmen and politicians wangled and maneuvered in their own interests. Quite a few of them actually. They were wrong to do so. The people knew and did everything they could to contest the takeover. The fourth estate did not want to take sides, after all, freedom is all about open dialogue. True for the most part. The betrayal by the Quisling was over the top and even the ‘Hard leads’ in the paper began to strongly favor the people. Oppression began to the opposition. Name calling and ‘straw man’ arguments were put forth.

There were many periodicals written about this taking place elsewhere. They spoke truth, clear truth. Of course the freedom of expression began to take a rather nasty tone and adjectives usually reserved for reprehensible criminals started flying about from both sides. It began to get ugly, somewhat distasteful.

Hidden underground groups began to strategically gather information and also began a straight forward campaign to make things right. Their freedom of living was threatened by the Quisling who should have been tried and jailed. High friends with deep pockets prevented that. For a while. It got expensive for everyone.

The lines were drawn and the battle began in earnest. Power with reward vs individual rights and freedom from oppression. It’s an old and repeated struggle throughout history. Control of the land and control of the law to make it possible has always been a hinge point of history.

The Quisling in this story was Vidkun Quisling. A military man. An officer that embraced the Nazi regime and sold out the Norwegian country. I can imagine your thoughts, dear reader, as you envisioned other men in the similar position in our day and age. In our neighborhood, in our government. Men and women with money and power supporting a vision of more of the same.

Quisling. Winston Churchill, H.G. Wells and George Orwell used the term in their writing. Vidkun’s last name was immortalized in history. Traitor, betrayer of position of authority. Remind you of anyone in particular?

Jack Gator

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