The Old Ford Wrench and the Faucet

Gator took on a home project the other day, replacing the kitchen faucet. It took all day, odd tools and a session with Gator’s past habits. It began, like most ‘easy’ home projects without any trouble. Removing that drippy faucet was awkward for an older Gator on his back, under the sink, and being somewhat careful to not disconnect any pipes of drainage and to avoid set mouse traps. Two fittings did not seem possible to remove. They were up high, constricted and large. Rummaging in the old big toolbox in the standard dimension wrench drawer revealed a very old Ford wrench that amazingly, seemed correct for the job. It was a perfect fit and was offset . A one inch open end, perhaps for Gator’s old 41 coupe?

Gator took the old faucet and noticed it was a major brand that sets forth a ‘lifetime warranty’ Sounds good! He took it to the major big-box store where it was purchased some years ago and ran into an instant refusal. The initially friendly young woman behind the counter asked to the paid receipt and it was long gone from years ago. He was expecting ‘no problem, it’s warranted for life! Go get another one and bring it back for exchange” It happened when the original one failed a decade ago. There was no receipt then either. Things had changed at the big-box. Then an an argument ensued from what was supposed to be an easy return.

It got heated, at the final refusal, Gator spun around towards the door and threw the defective faucet on the sidewalk and it lost a few pieces in the process. He slunk away, one of his digits shaking from the emotion and sat behind the wheel of his Gator Mobile. Gator knew he was wrong and he prayed for somehow to make it right.

He finally came back in and the counter woman had an expression that was unpleasant to see. Gator went up to a smiling worker and asked for the store manager. He came and after a short, somewhat snarky conversation, gave in and told Gator to go get another one off the shelf and bring it back. The manager opened the box on the counter and pulled out the faucet and parts and ‘tossed in’ the remains of the old one. Gator took the awkward double handful and put them in the Gator mobile. What he had just done worried him a lot.

He went back in (3rd time) and went shopping with the list. He met the manager a ways down in the huge store and called him over by name. Gator was genuine and mild by now in apologizing for his attitude. The manager understood Gator and they shook hands. For ‘some reason’ Gator remembered the managers name to call out to him. Astonishing, it Felt good. Gator tracked down the clerks he had words with and humbled himself as best he knew how and also apologized and asked them shake on it. It felt right.

Later, on the drive home, Gator realized the freedom he had experienced and broke down while listening to a friends song about someone that was still hurting but was still able to look back on the Lord and ask for forgiveness and strength to do what was good and right. Gator knew another change had occurred within him. Deep with truth about his brokenness and looking for help from the only one that could help. It’s pretty good. Jack

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