There the whole Gator family was, searching the ranch for Jack’s wallet. In the car door, where it usually resides. In the car, in the shop, in the house, on the driveway. Over and over. Feeling foolish and forgetful. “Where is the last place you were?” Lets see, I remember that Greta (Mrs. Gator)was trying boots out at the Boot Scoot Boot shop up the hill from town!

Jack remembered he had to use the bathroom there and Greta called them. A short time later, they called back and had found Gator’s wallet! What a relief. Quite a few rapid fire prayers before that good news. You know how they sound. Sort of a reverent muttering as everyone tears around, trying to do the impossible task set before them. Prayer is the best way to get close and hear God.

The next day, Jack went swimming (Gators favorite place-the pool) and swung by the Boot Scoot shop to pick up his wallet. There it was, next to the cash register, rubber banded and a note hooked on under the rubber band. YES! There it was, intact, all the credit cards and drivers license in it. The money pocket was completely empty though. Quite a bit of paper was in there, 160 dollars or so.

  1. Who would find the wallet, take out the money (after opening it) and put it back where it was?
  2. Why not just bring it up to the cashier after gleefully pocketing the cash?

A thinking thief of being identified as the finders keepers type. “well heck, you got it back!” Gator wonders about the time the whole family found a lot of 100’s on the sidewalk at one of the big box stores. After a little speculation on what that money would buy, they took it all inside and gave it to the store manager. He said they could most likely use the parking lot cameras to come up with the person that lost it. Temptation is strong with those finds but the lesson has been learned. Do unto others as you would have done to you. It really feels good long after that chain saw could have been bought.

Actually, taking the money in any situation like those has consequences that are off the thief’s radar. A knowledge of good and evil is a basic lesson, a basic premise of logic. This is a pivot point in our Post Modern world. A quote from Solzhenitsyn from The Gulag Archipelago,Young people are acquiring the conviction that foul deeds are never punished on earth, that they always bring prosperity”

The money will soon be absorbed into the greater picture of the Gator’s budget but the memory will remain of the sad thief that will be punished. Because the post-modern world does not realize that there are absolutes. These things are basic precepts known for all times. Again from Solzhenitsyn: “ From the most ancient times justice has been a two-part concept; virtue triumphs and vice is punished”

The illusion, once again that the only values that matter to us are personal peace and prosperity. In a much bigger picture of our nation, the same thought prevails. In simple terms, Personal Peace means just to be let alone, not to be troubled by the troubles of other people…to have our personal lives undisturbed…prosperity or affluence means a life filled with things, and more things—success judged by and ever-higher level of material abundance. 1. Indeed, modern man has been found lacking and we are in trouble when our fellow man is someone to feed off of. Ask Gator about his eating habits. It’s not easy embracing truth and precepts unshakable. It can be done however. Takes time.

The alternative to the current moral morass is to listen the Man that is more alive than any man that has ever lived. Read all about Him, ask around, you’ll find Him everywhere. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

1. Francis A. Schaeffer ‘How should we then live?’

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