Jack and his contemplation of Truth and Beauty

There isn’t much more to it. The odd Gator, finding joy in giving his heart away at a risk. Aiming for the good, not under suffering, but with knowing a great task has been given him to share the truth with others who will listen. The truth about his best friend, Jesus.

A perfect active condition. It will depose us to grasp the good by habit. Just think about the moral life as watching a piano player go through training to play well. Prudence is a virtue and it leads us to the other virtues. When you are virtuous you will feel pleasure when that occurs. The world says, ‘morality is hard, we can’t take pleasure in it!’ Gator says yes, it’s hard but the joy is indescribable.

Can you discern that the Gator has been taking a philosophy course? Finally getting down to the student of Plato, the student of Socrates. Heady stuff. Gator has to listen to each lecture several times to get the gist of it, let alone pass the quarterly exams! Morality, virtue and the good. What are they?

Most of the ‘modern’ or ‘post modernistic’ thinkers couch things in terms of how swell it would be if we had our leaders taken from a very prestigious college. Groomed before birth perhaps, a little tweaking of their DNA and get the best of the best to tell us how to live! Authority, absolute with no absolutes. Instead, we go back to the Lyceum and find out what ‘good’ actually means. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the greatest thinkers of Greece and we could use a couple of them right now. The concept of ‘good’ and ‘virtue’ were debated, written about, over and over by them.

Amazing thinkers and contemplators of man. Of course, wisdom and virtue and goodness are the subjects that bring joy to ones looking for it. Some other folks go in the exact opposite direction and invent things like guillotines to disagree with some people. That direction really stifles dialectics.

Magnificent is expenditure on something great that is conspicuous. Spending a great amount in a harmonious way. spend with pleasure! Keeping close accounts is chintzy. Celebrate magnificence. Look at the beauty around us, where did it come from.? Magnanimity. greatness of soul. two peaks of human greatness. There is one man that knew these things perfectly and did them well. Jesus.

Someone great souled, what does this person care about? Honor. He doesn’t see anything else. Does God need money? Give honor. A person of honor is not someone who takes small risks, he takes great risks. May cost his life. . He wants to be the source who gives! Wonder:it’s the beginning of philosophy.

It’s not politics. The most important thing about politics is that there is no important thing about politics. Meditate on beauty, give yourself and honor flow out of you. Magnificence. Give honor to the one that created it, and radiates it. There is no greater thing you can do. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

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