The Burning Heart


There is a growing angst in our nation right now. Conspiracy theory’s abound and it grows increasingly difficult to hold one’s tongue to express our own opinions on the state of our nation.

Gator has been getting better at listening and just acknowledging what he has heard. Not interrupting, not arguing but quietly changing the subject, gradually and without rancor. “That’s very interesting” is working somewhat. Conversation is exchanging ideas not trying to convince of your right ones. (If I’m right, and I usually am.)

Sometimes, Gator engages conversation about the Holocaust brought about by Margaret Sanger and her close association with Hitler. Most folks do not know who she was. Margaret was a proponent of Eugenics and the idea that certain ethnic peoples are below par and should be eliminated from the population. She convinced Hitler and now, her dream lives on in Planned Parenthood. These ‘clinics’ are located primarily in Black neighborhoods, 79% of them. Black lives matter in a different way?

Black women have the dubious ‘honor’ of being 36% of the ‘almost mothers’ leaving their unborn children at these PP clinics. Interesting numbers, look them up on Goggle after wading through all the sites on the first page lauding the wonders of abortion and the buzzword, ‘Choice’

The current elected president’s political machine put 400,000 flags on the mall for his inauguration which were to represent the people that could not make it because of Covid. The flags could be purchased on-line and the monies went mostly to…Planned Parenthood. Doing the numbers is easy. The percentages are: four hundred thousand is point nine percent of forty four million. (the number rounded off of the abortions made by Planned Parenthood.) The interesting part is that .9 percent is the number of people that have died in this nation from Covid that had a ‘case’! Coincidence?

Gator could go on and on about this issue, this attempted extermination. Indeed, black lives DO matter, especially to those perpetrating this worship of death. It’s an old worship of a ‘god’ that had children thrown into furnaces for sacrifices. Baal or under another name, Dagon. There are many historical accounts of this. We are more sophisticated in our country, we kill them and sell their body parts and fluids! Brings up the bottom line and it helps our medical people do so much more!

We carry our primary reward in us—a lovesick heart fascinated with the beauty of Christ Jesus. Our primary reward in this life is this ability to feel God’s love for us and to feel love for Him. The anointing to experience God’s love from Him and back to Him is the primary anointing related to cultivating an intimate relationship with Jesus, the Bridegroom God” 1.

Gator’s choice decades ago, our choice in our country and world. Five words spoken to Gator when he was embracing death. Word’s heard by Gator’s ears. “Life or death, choose now” Choice indeed.

Choosing life in spite of our greed and a propensity for personal peace and prosperity. It’s pretty good.

Jack Gator

1. Mike Bickle

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