The Mask of Amontillado

Before his time, Poe wrote a terrifying short story about a man (Fortune} who is doomed because he is forced to wear a mask for the rest of his miserable short life. Fortune is also forced into social distancing by the narrator of this story, Monty. Of course, Fortune has no idea what is to happen to him until he is forced to wear a fine mask that is supposed to protect him from disease. Keeping away from other people is the other technique that doubles down on the mask. Monty made the masks and forced most of the people around him to wear them. The social distancing enforced upon Fortune was the only way to get him to be ‘safe’

Monty had thought this out way ahead of time and really was anxious to get on with it. You know how it is with a really neat plan you have for a friend or spouse! It’s hard to wait. Gator gets it too. He has a hard time with traffic lights.

Monty was a clever old toad and he really wanted Fortune to feel the isolation and social distance that was deserved in Monty’s mind. Following the national trend in some of the states, it seemed the thing that was necessary to keep Fortune safe, only for Monty and his enjoyment of companionship of sorts.

Monty gave Fortune a mask, a fine mask made of the finest linen. Once again to ostensibly save Fortune from the black death killing a great number of people. As Monty helped Fortune put on the mask, he dribbled some ether upon it and Fortune was soon unconscious and easily moved to a socially distant safe room. There was no one around and Monty began to make the safe room absolutely safe and socially distant from everyone. He left some fine wine in a cask for Fortune to enjoy while he was in a sequestered situation.

Monty went a little over the top in securing Fortune’s safety in sequestered entirety. He bricked up the room, floor to ceiling. Nothing could get in and threaten Fortune and there was a social distance that fulfilled the Governor’s edict to the letter. Shouting through the wall, Monty told Fortune he could take off his fine mask.

All Fortune could say as his situation began to dawn upon him was: “For the love of God Monty!” Dizzy with the Covid19 fear, Monty could only think of himself and how safe he and Fortune were at last. A fine mask indeed. The Amontillado was very nice as comforter. ‘It’s pretty good’ he said.

Jack Gator

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