Firewood for the Cabin

There was a need in Gator’s community for a team of firewood volunteers. A family had just finished with an important task and the firewood processing kind of took a back burner. It happens. In fact, last year, the Gators had to buy firewood already to stack because they ran out of time. Nothing, of course, could match the wood they usually use. This cordage came pretty close although there were a few sizzlers in the bunch. For those that don’t use wood, a sizzler is a chuck of wood that is a bit ‘wet’ and actually sizzles when put on the burning coals. All in all, it was a good load that was only about 4 inches too long for Gator’s living room stove. Solvable however. It stacked and burned with just a little bit of short work.

So, Gator knows the delay of wood processing and he volunteered to help. His best friend advised Gator to do so. One problem: Gator’s ancient chain saw which weighs twice as much as the new ones and it hadn’t run for a season. It is a BIG saw and Gator used it for decades to heat the Jack Gator den. Jack decided to try it out and cut a little wood out by the prayer cabin. It started with a little trick from Jack’s son. Carburetor cleaner spray on the air filter. Vroom vroom. A little spray from the chain oiler and it was pronounced ready to go. Greta reminded Jack there was a tree hanging over the trail by the cabin. Bouncing close to the work site with the old Ford, Gator sized up the job. Six to eight inch rounds and a lot of kindling and starter wood. Jack likes to finish jobs and so he did so. Nice pile of what Greta calls ‘all nighters’ and the kindling and smaller rounds to build the fire. Even made a big pile of the small sticks and they were so dry that they could be snapped in half with small efforts. Gator was done and he hauled the old boat anchor saw to the cabin nearby and parked it with the headphones on the handle and the chain protector slid on. Newer than the saw, Swedish made of course. The saw is so old that orange plastic had not yet been invented.

Jack went into the cabin and began to see all the small touches Mrs. Gator (Greta) had accomplished In a few weeks time. Stunning really and Jack laid down on the day bed which is alongside the old wood stove. He began talking to his best Friend that showed up and as usual, it was another soul searching conversation. Best kind, intense and soothing at the same time. After a short while, Jack began to weep with thankfulness for His friendship and began asking why Gator was sought out and blessed with this friendship. Because I love you Gator, always have from the time you were born.

There was a strong vision of the development of when Gator’s Friend became a regular visitor to the family. There was another room involved. The room was a place where the entire Gator household sang to this incredible Friend. He would show up regularly and stun the Gator’s with His smile and gentle encouragement. Once the clock stopped until he left. Timeless beauty encountered indeed. That room was on the main street of a nearby town and the cabin is as isolated as it gets. The feeling of being in their Friends company is the same however. There is an extraordinary experience every time. Almost always Gator’s same question: Why me? What is it about me and us that would draw your incredibly wonderful friendship? He always answers the same. “Because I love you” You may have this Friend as yours too! His name is Wonderful and His name is Jesus. it’s pretty good! Jack Gator

One thought on “Firewood for the Cabin

  1. Thank you Norm!
    Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder. And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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