Trolley Cars in Minneapolis

The latest news popped up after Norm was just looking at the weather forecast on the PC screen.

More rain and the videos of flooding on the Mississippi with a few garages with water up to the entrances where a car should be. Laughing owners in the shot, what else could they broadcast? A man retiring from a shoe repair shop after spending his whole life there. A good man and a well equipped shop. A necessary business but no one interested in taking it over. Norm has his favorite shoe shop in ‘the falls’ town and cannot imagine the town without it.

Minneapolis is more inclined to older buildings on main streets that sell tobacco, payday loans and lottery tickets. The old stuff has to go. Much akin to decades ago when the city decided to tear out the trolley cars and leave transportation to buses or personal transportation. Even bicycle lanes for some but certainly not most people. Rail transport is European and practical.

When Norm grew up in the North-side, he used his bicycle to deliver news papers and could not even consider riding it to south Minneapolis to the dentist! Alone. Of course, bikes then were heavier with one speed. Forward. There was no need to even consider bicycling around the city, there were trolley cars everywhere that even would carry Norm to the dentist in the South-side of town. The local was easy to catch. A number 16 that went from Thomas Avenue all the way downtown. Norm would get a transfer ticket and walk down Washington avenue to catch the trolley car to the dentist. It was easy and safe and at that time, no muggers, kidnappers and youth with pistols eager to shoot someone, anyone that looked at them. Norm was on the wrestling team but did not have concealed carry. After all, he was ten and it was the late sixties. The only people that made the news was Al Capone and his gang being shot by the police. Front page news of scandalous behavior and shocking news of a wheel gun shooting. Colt automatics were WWII stuff. Heavy and not handy for the cops.

The news today was about new trolley cars being put in and whole neighborhoods were outraged that the city would do that. We liked them fifty years ago. Covenient and cheap and practical. Now the store owners and residents are outraged at these things. Norm thinks it’s a great idea. The new thugs do too. Mayhem and robbery and just beating people up for fun. Times have indeed changed. The city is scary and filled with angry imbeciles. That’s a Dostoyefski qruote.

It’s not very good, but it could be very good with faith in Jesus. Jack Gator

2 thoughts on “Trolley Cars in Minneapolis

    • The seats were yellow wicker and the conductor had this glass enclosed change acceptance machine. It had a twirly handle that mixed the change up so it would fall into slots out of sight. Still remember the sound. He ran it with his right hand…A LOT….


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