In Who or What do We Trust? 1

Each of us is wired in a very complex way. It’s a common saying about people, but what does it mean to you? We are beautifully brained. Ben Carson says he could ask someone at a conference to step on stage, blindfolded and have them look at the audience for one second and turn and leave. Fifty years later, he could open their skull cap, insert a stimulating probe in that memory area, and they would know the name and face of everyone in that audience. And what they were wearing. Our minds are beyond our comprehension. Ben Carson by the way, is the world’s most renowned brain surgeon.

It could mean a lot of things to each of us and that is a small indication that we are indeed, ‘wired’ differently from one another. Completely and utterly different. In many, if not all. Things are what make us different as well. We either have many things or we have not enough of them. We will get to that soon enough, but first of all the parable of the wiring complexity. How often have we noticed that people we know well or people we have just met don’t think or do things as ourselves? How many times have we stated, “Wow, I could never do that!” And it’s true, we couldn’t. Complex and reassuring that, indeed, the same goes for all of us. Even observable in simple ways, that’s why we can be easily identified by our signatures. Our DNA is an indicator in some ways of that difference. Or, “You’ve got a real talent there, you should use it” Our DNA is different from everyone else. We have more synaptic nodes in our brain than there are stars in our Galaxy ( the Milky Way as it is named) We are in the unfashionable western spiral arm by the way. a. A Perfect place of course. Made for us.

There are observable ways that complexity can be revealed. When Jack was at the Minneapolis School of Art, he glanced over at a pencil drawing the class was asked to do. It was a drawing by the young man sitting to Jack’s right. Jack’s drawing looked like a cartoon. The young man’s appeared as though having been done by Michelangelo. A bit different. Jack made an ‘installation’ of different sized and colored cubes in a room and when you touched them, they gave off a musical tone. Chords could be made. Jack’s instructor wisely told Jack, “you really should go into music” Jack quit the School and did so. Jack still does cartoons of a sort when greeting cards or posters are needed. Jack still uses a little bit of calligraphy to write with too. But he knows that is not his forte. A small gift next to weeping over music. Jack’s signature drawing was done by a good friend, Jesse. He did it overnight just on a simple whim. A gift, and a gift within his very soul. How did those gifts, easily seen by Jack, been given?

What do we want to do with everything we have been given is a question. We often ask for other things to possess in this fashion. We also ask for things we emphatically should not wish to possess. Things seem to be a big problem with me and us. I have many things or I don’t and usually I desire to acquire more things or be rid of the ones I don’t want. Of course, things also include abilities to do what we think we should be doing or holding tight. An old saying for us that have much: “I don’t want all the land, I just want the land that is next to mine!” Perhaps poverty is another situation that is a problem as well. “Just a loaf of bread would be nice to have” Surprisingly, another thing. Who decides what is given and what is not? Is there someone who decides what is good and what is not good for us?

A quote from a wiser man than I, illuminates this seeming dilemma. “Do you not, then, know that, when God denies anything a child of His values, it is to give him something He values?” and, “ If you are not willing that God would have His way with you, then, in the name of God, be miserable—till your misery drive you to the arms of the fatherb.

We have all been gifted and created to be in love with our creator and what he made us to be. There is no other way to solve the have or have not. Prayer is the path of comfort for this dilemma. Not our will but yours Father. After all, Father knows best. Embrace the beauty and that life of yours. Talk to Him and ask for this. After all, Jesus did the same thing at the garden of Olives. “Not my will but yours” After all, “trust in the living God, His will is your life!” 1. Ask Him and he will reveal your gifts from Him. It’s pretty good. Jack Gator

a. Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’

b.. Quotes from George MacDonald. ‘Creation in Christ, unspoken Sermons’ 1870

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