Your Incredible Worth

There is a value that was known to be true on an old guitar that Jack owns. He figured it was worth at least what he paid for it, perhaps even more due to inflation. He bought it fresh out of the Navy after another one, just like it, was lost in shipping to him. It was being shipped to his duty station overseas, not too complicated. A little too tempting to someone in the Mediterranean post office Jack thought. As far as anyone knows, it was never found. Well, it was found by someone. Finders keepers.

After discharge, Jack went to Schmidt music in downtown Minneapolis where he had it shipped from and they offered a replacement! “I’ll take that one there on display” He’s had it since 1967 and recently wondered what it was worth. Jack paid four hundred dollars for it. Now it is worth fifteen thousand or more. Not for sale. It sounds quite nice and powerful. It’s a big Martin D-28, made of Brazilian Rosewood which wood is illegal to possess if you come back into customs. Playing overseas might be a bit dicey.

So, a pleasant surprise for Jack’s insurance agent. Jack does not wish to sell it as it sounds and plays pretty good and it has a lot of history for him and the family. Even down to the small ash burn on the face from decades ago. It needed a little work, but the Martin company warranties it for life to the original owner. Nice feature. The bridge was warped and coming up and the pick guard was warping as well. Free fix. Labor and parts. New strings of course (plus tax) a little over ten bucks total.

Not long ago, another thing was always seen by Jack as almost worthless and recently he found it was worth more than he could even imagine. He then sold it to his new best friend and incredibly, was told he may use it as long as Jack wished! Not only that, but Jack was paid a price that was more than he could even bear to think about or understand fully.

His new friend had been killed a while back and left this purchase as a memento to Jack to remind him of it’s worth. It is in writing and clear as the night sky on a moonlit and cloudless evening. Oh yes, Jack’s friend is still around. He was dead for three days and came back to life. Amazing, impossible, but true! A miracle. you may know whom I am writing about if you have had the guarantee offered to you. Take Him up on it, it’s never too late.

The ‘object’ discovered by Jack that suddenly was revealed to him as precious and warrantied forever is himself. The only stipulation to the warranty is that Jack is required to give himself to his friend, all of him even Jack’s thoughts and actions. All of them. Past and present. A lot of bad ones. Debts to his friend’s Father. His friend’s Dad keeps track of those things and His son (Jack’s new friend) offers to pay if we ask Him to.

All of Jack given freely, and in a similar way his wonderful friend did the same thing before Jack met him. Impossible, and yet true. Hundreds of people saw that happen. He gave it all away. Just for me and you. Jack’s soul is a bit warped too and can be repaired as the builder gives a lifetime warranty It is written in a book that Jack reads over and over to learn more about his friend that did not have anything to be forgiven by his Father. A perfect Son that offered his life for ours. Sort of a ransom type of thing.

In that book, the contract, the blood covenant to Jack is clearly revealed. What a warranty and testament! So even Jack will see his friend again when Jack dies and his friend brings him to live with Him, forever. It’s an incredible warranty! Perhaps you don’t know who this friend is. Jack will introduce you to Him if you wish. If you already know Him, Jack would really like to chat with you. Or if you don’t know Him, same offer. Always a choice of ours to make friends and love Him and his perfect ‘repairs’ . Most likely Jack will get to play and sing with a ‘big band’ of other musicians on a dance floor made of flaming glass! It’s pretty good.

Jack Gator

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