It’s so easy when you’re an Adult (1)

Everyone, I mean everyone had to learn the basics when we were children. It’s obvious even to an old Reptile like Gator. Riding a bicycle for example. Did anyone climb on to a 10 speed racing bike and right away began strongly climbing hills with it? Of course not. So how did we get to that point of an understanding and skill to pull it off (starting with a smaller bike with training wheels of course) There had to be a teacher, an adult with knowledge and strength coaching, encouraging and helping us do so.

Another example: Writing and understanding language that is written. No one, not even Einstein, could do so right out of the gate of childhood. First huge flash cards perhaps, gentle words and skill as a teacher-parent to help. The the writing part (Gators handwriting could use some improvement) but as sloppy and ill formed the letters are, imitating the adults writing words to teach. Maybe even holding the child’s hand to help. It works, it’s the way things are done for every child ever born, even you.

As adults, we still need this training. Some call it school or primary, secondary, college an upward learning which still needs an adult with knowledge and skill to ‘hold our hand’ to continue learning. As an example: Gator now plays stringed instruments, another reptile friend plays a percussion instrument. A side note; the piano is considered a percussion instrument! How did I and they learn how to do this? Another Adult who knows these things.

In Gators case, even bowing the violin while Gator attempted to finger the notes. Such off key and bumbled sounds caused the ‘professor’ to wince but so did Gators learning bicycle riding. At least Gator did not fall off the violin. ‘So easy when you know how’, is said. These are simple thoughts that I am just reminding us of reality, perhaps so obvious, we do not even have it cross our minds. Even potty training. Teaching is a skill not all of us have but potty training is a skill that all parents realize they must do. It’s one of the first classes along with eating spinach.

When we are all grown up adults (except some of us who never want to grow up), there is a class which I will call finding purpose and the reason we are alive to have a purpose. It’s the big question which, amazingly is put on our ‘back book shelves’ until the inevitable urge to press in and get answers comes.

Some of us do not want a complex answer, or one that looks to an older adult that has some answers. Often we ignore them as foolish and misled in their ‘professed wisdom class’ with other adults. Or their class ‘Higher Power’ which is a very beginning of purpose behind door 101.In the beginning class. There even is a book which starts with those very words! Here is the the name of that book which many dismiss as ludicrous. The Bible. As Gator has stated before: It is a book that is written by and for adults and if you don’t want to read it, please don’t dismiss or talk about it. Read and understand it’s answer.

There are also many other books which address the reason we are here and what to do about it and Gator has read many of them. A lot of them say we are here because of a random event that occurred long ago and we are also a result of randomness. These are not books made by and for adults to read. They are a child’s stories that are fun to read. Like most really intriguing fiction that engages our imagination. Many of them tell us there is no purpose to life except to enjoy it and die. How comforting.

The Bible tells us the God of all, created us just to give us the choice of loving Him or not. Love cannot exist without us choosing to love. We question the Bible, some dismiss it, some read and understand it. A ‘Parent’ that shows us why we are here, and how we got here. God is that Parent and we are His children. At first reading it can be challenging. That’s the best part! You will read it over again. You can start anywhere in it. This book tells us the real meaning of life and why we are living. An old book, written by many authors, and they all have the same subject, But, the same Hero. It’s pretty good. (To be continued ) Jack Gator

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