Four men we have all heard of, and perhaps even read their writing. Secular and worldly writers all of them. ‘Superman, religion is an opiate of the people and illusion, no future. Also evolution that man has worked himself up from the brutes against terrific odds” You can justify your destructive ways” It’s easy to understand these viewpoints which totally ignore the necessity of us to answer the questions which we all have within. Why am I here? What made the universe? How can something come from nothing? Everyone has these questions, everyone. It is easy to deny them however because spiritual things are not on display in this world unless we look for them.

Gator remembers Christmas in downtown from his early days while he waddled around the biggest department store in the Twin Cities. Every large window from the sidewalk had every thing anyone could desire and model trains and such for Gator and his youthful friends. Beautiful stuff. Exotic clothes, hats and shoes. Appliances unknown along with the latest TV sets and phonographs. Dazzling.

There,however, where no windows displaying food! Food that satisfies, it’s the truth. The best food. There was, on the top floor, a restaurant serving pretty good food that was totally unadvertised and you had to know it was there to go. Exquisite, tasty and classy linen and crystal water glass’

In a very stretchy analogy, Gator likens this dichotomy to the secular vs spiritual in our society. After all, like the windows in this story, the world is always right before our eyes. Everything you think you should desire is on display. Even other people we lust for because of their shape or the clothing they wear. Banks full of other peoples money, car lots filled with other peoples shiny new vehicles. There are mini-castles close to the road or the lake, TV sets larger than early movie screens.

‘Fast food’ shouted from the freeways on huge, tall billboards. “Exit now!” get twenty Grey Bastille French burgers! They’re neatly sliced, and the pastry on the buns is exquisite. Everywhere the world beckons us to experience fulfillment and joy from horse racing to the Grand Prix.

It doesn’t work. There is always someone richer or seemingly famous and beautiful that has a much nicer spouse and life than us. Look at the National Perspired at the grocery check out. Envy on our face as we gaze at the latest scandal with the beautiful wife of the revealed grassy knoll shooter. That doesn’t work either. Pick up a “My home and garden are better than yours” magazine or Readers Disgust and laugh at yourself and your pitiful life. There is hope however! Akin to the hidden treasure atop the department store, there is a hidden treasure in the world and it isn’t Idaho Jones’

It is indeed filled with fulfillment, joy and humble adoration. The King and possessor of all things seen, felt and unseen but still felt. This treasure is yours to experience and hold, forever. It is the treasure we all yearn for and once we have it, we cannot wait to give it away! Sign up with an oath to share and enjoy with others that deserve this treasure as much as you do. You will hear your Creator tell you things and again and again; tell you that you are His treasure and gift to His Son. We Give up on the old, lustful world inside of us and open our hearts to truth and reality, forever. Hardest thing to do, and the best. It’s pretty good. Jack

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